Unable to load a sketch [Solved]

I was uploading a sketch when it said failed and now my arduboy is dead please help I don’t know what to do!!!

Have you tried turning it on with the up key pressed down? That will put it in flashlight mode which should let you get going

I tried that but it won’t do anything

Is there anything else i can do?

Press the reset button. This gives you ~6 seconds in which to upload a sketch.

In the Arduino IDE, create a new sketch like you are creating a new arduboy game, but don’t have it do anything, except perhaps print “hello world”.

Attach your arduboy,

press the reset button with an appropriate tool (turned out paper clip, etc) and click the upload sketch button.

You might have to try the above several times before it sticks. Once you get the hello world uploaded, it should be fine to upload other things.


Thanks heaps it worked.:hugs: