Under Attack - Simple Tower Defense

Here is my first game! Thank you to all of the Arduboy community, especially @Pharap and @filmote.

UNDER ATTACK - A Simple Tower Defense Game

Post-Apocalyptic tower defense game. In the game, you are a cyborg in control of a turret attached to a tower which was once your home. Now you defend it, as the hordes of mutated soldiers and tacos attack your tower, trying to rid you of the last thing you own. Kill all of the enemies, and escape from the planet which you once loved but now holds you hostage.

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Screenshot4 Screenshot5 Screenshot6

Instructions for installing: download the .hex file from https://github.com/ThaddeusSM/Under-Attack and import it into your arduboy game loader of choice, or download the entire master file and load the .ino file via the Arduino IDE.

Music; thanks to Filmote, from his 1943: the battle of midway game.

On the title page; A - start game, B - show credits
During gameplay; Up/Down - move the turret, A - regenerate health by taking away 50 points, B - shoot gun.

The goal of the game is to reach 1,000 points. If an enemy reaches your tower, a portion of your health will be deducted. At 129 points, a second type of enemy will appear. At 699, the boss fight will begin. Be warned, this game is meant to be mechanically challenging. If you reach 1,000 points, congrats! You win!

Have fun!


I now know what a Tacoboss looks like!

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Glad to be in the credits, even though @filmote contributed more than me.

You’re still missing one thing though - you haven’t picked a licence yet.

Oh, how can I do that?

Edit: And why?

Edit#2: I see what it is now, looking at other people’a code. I’ll work on it right away.

Edit#3: I added the license, following the instructions from the guide on these forums.

Congrats on your first game! It’s fun and challenging!


It’s basically a formal (legally enforcable) way of saying what people are and aren’t allowed to do with your code.

MIT, BSD 3-clause, GPL, LGPL and Apache 2.0 are probably the most used licences.

I like Apache 2.0 because it forces people to state the changes they make if they make a derivative.
It seems that @filmote likes BSD 3-clause.

Choose a licence is a good place to look for understanding the difference licences.

I see, you chose MIT.

Which guide was that?
I wasn’t aware there was one.

There is a section in this post: Arduboy Game Format Guide: .arduboy files
Which led me to the MIT license page.

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Ah, fair enough.

Make sure to read through the summaries of the different licences when you have time though,
so you understand them properly can pick the one you like best.
For example, people sometimes don’t realise that MIT allows people to publish derivatives under a different licence.

Will do. Thought I should just put one up tho since it seemed urgent.

Fair enough.

It wasn’t life-or-death urgent, but it’s one of those things that’s better/easier to do before a repo becomes popular/well-known.

Usually people find a favourite and stick with it to make things easier.

How did I miss this game?? I need to try it!

I didn’t realize until just a few days ago I could have submitted this for game jam 3! So sad…

You wouldn’t have been able to because you had been working on it before the jam start date.

(That’s the same reason Evade2 got removed from the 2nd game jam.)

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Oh, ok. That’s too bad.

I’m not sure it would have fit the themes anyway.
(Unless you wanted to say it’s a kusoge, which you shouldn’t really want to.)

There will be other jams anyway.


Hold on … does one of the things on the sky a flying TACO?
It resembles one…
Erm… on the other hand, I like your helicopter sprite.

Lol. Yes, it’s a taco. “Tacoboss” to be precise. If you don’t like the sprite it’s pretty easy to change, if you want I can tell you how.