Unfinished Pacman Clone


I found some time to finish my Pacman clone. Well, it is not really completed but it might have some simple code that is useful for some of you. I won’t pursue that version. It was rather my first attempt to develop something for Arduboy.

However I liked the idea of working with nodes rather than tile-collisions. Since Pacman has a very static level design it was easy to create an appropriate data-structure that required very few memory. It was also easy that way to create random movement and finding the ghost’s way home. The decisions are only made at the nodes. The bad decision was to build on the original pixel-size which makes it too hard to see the ghosts in some cases. It looks good but you have to see more from the scene.

Arduboy is really neat device but lacks sufficient memory, a proper IDE and documentation which takes the fun out of it too early for me. The minute you need to refactor your code because things are getting complex you get quickly lost in the Arduino IDE. I am used to Intellij and Java where the IDE is almost writing the entire code. Also I suck at c++ :slight_smile: Anyway I love the idea to have my personal console and maybe later the company has a proper way to make games available for a dime or two to a greater audience.


Source (Arduboy2 library required)



Don’t use the Arduino IDE. Use PlatformIO :-


Curious to see how this plays. I worry it would be hard if you can’t see the ghosts coming for you.

I tried but could not get it to work. I did it again right now and imported the pacman-project but it gives me weird errors all over the place.

I think that is because you have your source files in an ‘assets’ folder instead of a ‘src’ folder.

Did you create a new project and make the target board an Arduboy?

Also the code-completion only shows me the polluted c++ namespace and nothing from the instance I am asking for.

They are not in the assets folder. I can also compile and upload.

Put your error messages up on the PlatformIO forum, they are very helpful.

I use it for all of my development and find it is 1000% better than the crappy Arduino IDE.

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Also update PlatformIO to the latest from within the app.

Any chance of a .Arduboy file?