Unicorn Dash - A simple endless runner

(Yossa Von K) #1

Unicorn Dash - A simple unicorn themed endless runner. You can download the ‘.ino’ file from itch.io


This is my little contribution to the Arduboy Community!


W00t :pen::pineapple::pen::unicorn:

(Erwin) #3

This is like the gayfish part in the latest Southpark game… but without the farts

BTW: I uploaded your game to http://arduboy.ried.cl

If you add a license I can update it in the repo.

(Nicole Birgel) #4

I like this, but i miss the sound.

(Kevin) #5

Unicorn Dash is now featured prominently on the Arduboy homepage!



(Yossa Von K) #6

wow, thanks! I am honoured

(Kevin) #7

The graphics are really great!