Unicycle-Hero Unofficial GameJam 4

Unicycle-Hero is game where you control a unicycle by pressing the right buttons at a certain time. The game itself is pretty much self explanatory.

Just a .hex?
No source code?

It’s meant for an emulator. But U thought you could convert it

The emulator does the same thing as an actual arduboy.
The point isn’t that I can’t run it, the point is that the source code isn’t there.

You don’t have to release the source if you don’t want to,
but not having the source code makes the Apache 2.0 licence pretty redundant.

The licence explicitly gives permission to copy and modify the source code, which is impossible if the soucre code isn’t there.

You may reproduce and distribute copies of the Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without modifications, and in Source or Object form

Source code can be converted into .hex files.
.hex files can’t be converted back into source code.

Also the submission thread does say:

A link to the game’s source code hosted online (e.g. GitHub, GitLab)

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Change will be made…Try now.

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Is there a reason you chose to check in the source code as a .zip file instead of the raw source files? That makes it much harder to track the differences between versions, which is a large part of the point of source code control.

Also, I assume you are aware that you are mis-spelling Unicycle, right? Unicylcle-Hero -> Unicycle-Hero


If I can suggest one thing when putting a hex to download, try to make sure it’s one without the bootloader, I think in some cases it could be problematic… Not sure though, I think it’s @eried who told me that.


Ok. And misspellings is on purpose to make it cringy

Can you elaborate on that? I haven’t read that before.

It’s just that in some cases having a .hex with a bootloader included could overwrite your bootloader for another one that may be corrupted. So it’s safer to just have a .hex file without the bootloader so that removes that risk.

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How do you include/ exclude that? I compile my .hex with the arduino IDE for the arduboy board.

Well when I compile and output a hex file the Arduino IDE… Mine at least, is giving me both, with and without. There must be an option somewhere.

Is there a source code for this project?

What IDE are you using for development? Your code seems to have non-standard content in it. For example:

#line 6 "C:\\Users\\Cody\\Documents\\Arduino\\Unicycle_Hero\\Unicycle_Hero.ino"
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I think @Cody17’s actually done here is that he’s gone to his temp directory, gone into the arduino_build_N/sketch (where N is a seemingly random number) folder, and copied out the .ino.cpp, .ino.cpp.d and .ino.cpp.o files.

Either that or FManga’s emulator also generates those files and he’s copied them from there, which seems plausible.

Here’s an experiment for you: compile absolutely anything in the Arduino IDE, head to your temp folder and look for arduino_build_ folders then look at the .ino.cpp in the sketch folder, you’ll find the code with those #line directives added.
It’s what the Arduino IDE’s processor does to turn silly .ino files into usable cpp files.
That’s why there’s one above each predeclaration of a function - one of the things it does is generate the funcion declarations that C++ requires (but .ino files stupidly let you leave out).

I’ve made a PR to solve the minor organisation issues.

This solves @serisman’s issue with the code being in a .zip and @Vampirics’s issue with the .hex containing a bootloader, as well as an issue nobody had complained about yet.


What did I forget to complain about? :rofl:

The source code should be in a folder within the repo, otherwise when you extract it you have to delete the -master suffix from the folder and the Arduino IDE complains, and of course everyone’s too lazy to do that :P.