Universal Utilities Block Idea

I was wondering if it would be possible for us to incorporate some sort of universal block of memory that can include some helper features for all programs to reference instead incorporating the data multiple times?

For instance, this block of memory could include the Arduboy logo, sin/cos values, font, and some more stuff. Not sure if library functions can be stored here or not.

Technically you could encapsulate extra data in any slot. But I think the loader title screen would be best for something like that as it has a fixed location.

Storing of code isn’t possible as the extra storage is not executable.

Hm, no, I don’t mean the loader title screen, but the logo used in the booting of games produced with the original library that do not respect the enabling/disabling of the boot logo.

I guess that brings up another point of if we need to recompile everything and disable this logo or not for our package or if we only want it enabled on previous Arduboy titles. Would be annoying to see constantly. Or, maybe disable it with a setting in a settings app. :thinking:

Yeah some of the games from before might need to be massaged a little bit to load a little cleaner.

If you make a submission as an FX title it won’t be “available” on the original hardware, it’s assumed it isn’t compatible. You’d want to effectively have 2 versions of the game.

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I know what you ment. What I ment is we can stuff(embed) resources into it just after the title screen but still part of the same slot. ArduboyFX logo font etc

Ah, yeah. Otay. I was thinking that, too.

I don’t plan on upgrading Midnight Wild at all. It would still be on the console, right? If so, then that’s what I was talking about in showing the original Arduboy logo.

I’ll make a thread for this because I had some other ideas. Here: https://community.arduboy.com/t/preparing-older-titles/6952