Unofficial Game Jam 4: Ends 12:00 UTC+00:00

Unofficial GamJam
Theme: Dungeons and Unicycles
Decided Start Date: The 1st of September
Decided End Date: The 11th of September 12:00 UTC00:00


Place Description
1st Prize Pimped out Gameboy donated by @fredster
2nd Prize Tetris Microcard with the winner’s choice of Tetris or 1943 Battle of Midway loaded. Donated by @filmote
Top 5 Square Nose Stickers donated by @JuiceLizard

For clarity that is the 1st Sep 18.


I would suggest continuing conversation in this thread: When Is The Next Game Jam
And only posting the details here once it is confirmed :slight_smile:


Currently we have two prizes:

1st Prize    a pimped Gameboy donated by @fredster
2nd Prize   a Tetris Microcard with the winner’s choice of Tetris or 1943 Battle of Midway loaded.


The theme won’t be released until September 1st, right?

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I hope posting a prize doesn’t exclude me from competing?

Hopefully someone else will chip in with another prize.

I am going to tag in the previous contestants as they may wish to compete again.

@chame @askdfjlas @FManga @ardubeast @Freezingsnail @trodoss @jay @dreamer2345 @Jcadiz15 @arduboiiii


And who knew you could only mention 10 people per post?

@Nighttyger @notaraisin @00jknight @RetrobitCoder @taniguchi @RothXQuasar @zogurt @IcarusFallen @Gball19 @Lancelot

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… and some more.

@madya121 @obono @keyboard_camper @SerendipityDoDa @FerJerez

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I’ve been grinding out java the past month so my c++ syntax has taken a hit. :potato: I wanted to rewrite some of the spagetti classes in JelliBoi before starting a new arduboy project but if I can think of something for whatever the topic is I’ll see what I can produce.

I am a Java developer in my other (paid) life. The solution I work with has very open-source library and framework components in it that you feel none of its in your control. Having a DB background, I hate Hibernate and JPA.

It is so refreshing to come back to C++ and actually care about memory usage, frame refresh rates and other ‘real’ things.


I may try my own hand at writing a game. So let’s see. Is the polling system used to vote on the entries?

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Great … give it a go and if you get stuck, ask questions. Plenty of people will jump in to help if they can.

We do have a poll at the end - we get people to vote for 3 or 5 entries (we can change this number depending on the number of entries).

Starts in 2 days. Get your jam on

There are 31 days in August. So tomorrow’s tomorrow.

Pump up the Jam? (Technotronic)


Kick out the Jams! (MC5)

Technotronic… Also I’m very tired…

No MC5? You are dead to me now.

Maybe we could go themeless for once? I’m always interested in jams but then I see the themes and I’m like “ugh”.

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The first rule of Game Jam: there are no rules.

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Classic Arcade would be a cool theme :wink:

I think a theme is what makes a jam a jam. Otherwise, it’d be just like making a game any other day. :woman_shrugging: However, great jams will typically have more vague or open-ended themes that can be interpreted several different ways or give the developer some agency.

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