Unofficial Game Jam 4: Ends 12:00 UTC+00:00

(Cody) #1

Unofficial GamJam
Theme: Dungeons and Unicycles
Decided Start Date: The 1st of September
Decided End Date: The 11th of September 12:00 UTC00:00


Place Description
1st Prize Pimped out Gameboy donated by @fredster
2nd Prize Tetris Microcard with the winner’s choice of Tetris or 1943 Battle of Midway loaded. Donated by @filmote
Top 5 Square Nose Stickers donated by @JuiceLizard

Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 9 - Mapping DinoSmasher
When Is The Next Game Jam
(Simon) #2

For clarity that is the 1st Sep 18.

(Celine) #3

I would suggest continuing conversation in this thread: When Is The Next Game Jam
And only posting the details here once it is confirmed :slight_smile:

(Simon) #4

Currently we have two prizes:

1st Prize    a pimped Gameboy donated by @fredster
2nd Prize   a Tetris Microcard with the winner’s choice of Tetris or 1943 Battle of Midway loaded.

(Holmes) #5

The theme won’t be released until September 1st, right?

(Simon) #6

I hope posting a prize doesn’t exclude me from competing?

Hopefully someone else will chip in with another prize.

I am going to tag in the previous contestants as they may wish to compete again.

@chame @askdfjlas @FManga @ardubeast @Freezingsnail @trodoss @jay @dreamer2345 @Jcadiz15 @arduboiiii

(Simon) #7

And who knew you could only mention 10 people per post?

@Nighttyger @notaraisin @00jknight @RetrobitCoder @taniguchi @RothXQuasar @zogurt @IcarusFallen @Gball19 @Lancelot

(Simon) #8

… and some more.

@madya121 @obono @keyboard_camper @SerendipityDoDa @FerJerez


I’ve been grinding out java the past month so my c++ syntax has taken a hit. :potato: I wanted to rewrite some of the spagetti classes in JelliBoi before starting a new arduboy project but if I can think of something for whatever the topic is I’ll see what I can produce.

(Simon) #10

I am a Java developer in my other (paid) life. The solution I work with has very open-source library and framework components in it that you feel none of its in your control. Having a DB background, I hate Hibernate and JPA.

It is so refreshing to come back to C++ and actually care about memory usage, frame refresh rates and other ‘real’ things.

(fred ) #11

I may try my own hand at writing a game. So let’s see. Is the polling system used to vote on the entries?

(Simon) #12

Great … give it a go and if you get stuck, ask questions. Plenty of people will jump in to help if they can.

We do have a poll at the end - we get people to vote for 3 or 5 entries (we can change this number depending on the number of entries).

(Cody) #13

Starts in 2 days. Get your jam on

(Simon) #14

There are 31 days in August. So tomorrow’s tomorrow.

Pump up the Jam? (Technotronic)


Kick out the Jams! (MC5)

(Cody) #15

Technotronic… Also I’m very tired…

(Simon) #16

No MC5? You are dead to me now.

(Josh Goebel) #17

Maybe we could go themeless for once? I’m always interested in jams but then I see the themes and I’m like “ugh”.

(Simon) #18

The first rule of Game Jam: there are no rules.

(Scott R) #19

Classic Arcade would be a cool theme :wink:

(Holmes) #20

I think a theme is what makes a jam a jam. Otherwise, it’d be just like making a game any other day. :woman_shrugging: However, great jams will typically have more vague or open-ended themes that can be interpreted several different ways or give the developer some agency.