Unofficial Game Jam 4: Ends 12:00 UTC+00:00

(Holmes) #41

I second this.

@Cody17, typically a theme for a game jam cam be interpreted in all kinds of ways. Part of the spirit of the game jam is coming up with creative ideas to set your game completely apart from the others and a big part of that is interpreting the theme in a way no one else did.

For instance, a game jam I was in had a theme of “loops.” One group made a game about the solar system (an orbit is a type of loop), one made a game about having to replay the same battle over and over again (temporal loop), and my game was about wrangling cattle with a lasso (a rope that is looped).

We want people to come up with a game based on the theme, right? We don’t want the theme so hard that people make a game and then just slap the theme on afterwards as an after thought. :grinning: That is what may happen if you corner their creativity. Just my two cents.

Anyway, I have a fun theme that doesn’t seem too difficult to pull off. Might take a lot of sprite work, though…

(Jul) #42

At first I read Dungeons and was super happy for all the games that will pop out… But then I had to google unicycle to understand it’s not a programming term. Now I’m scared.
Someone has to do a horror please!

(Cody) #43

One or the other I meant Thier both themes but you only have to use one

(Simon) #44

@Vampirics and I have decided to team together … hope that’s in the rules. As usual, he will be providing s=the graphics so the game will look great even if it plays badly. Now to think of a concept …

(Scott R) #45

I have one :stuck_out_tongue:

(Simon) #46

Do tell !    

(Simon) #47

I am thinking of a dungeon-dweller on a unicycle catching objects as they fall from the sky. You move slowly left and right while balancing on the unicycle - if you move to fast you fall of the bike down into the dungeon.

(Scott R) #48

We on same page check PM :joy:

(Simon) #49

Are you entering? I think you should …

(Josh Goebel) #50

I’m on Slack if someone wants to talk to me about teaming up for something. I imagined something like Diablo like a real-time action roguelike.

(Holmes) #51

Whatcha need help with?

(Cody) #52

What your a in a dungeon balancing on a unicycle and every time you miss Ballance or miss a point or some thing you get torchered and minus a life.


I started something today, I’m unsure how playable it will be though. Or fun.

(fred ) #54

I have decided that I am going to offer the first place winner a choice of which Gameboy they would like. I have three to choose from.

First one has a custom paint job and I call it the Cow Boy Gameboy:

Second one I call the TMNT themed Gameboy:

The third is Legend of Zelda themed:

I may have a game to choose from to go with it, once I comb through my collection and see what I can donate. Will update soon.

Unofficial Game Jam 4: Voting!
(Cody) #55

I love refurbs but looking at these make me “Jelly”

(Stephane C) #56


This is really cool. Thinking of it, I never got an original Gameboy when I was young, those pimped ones are really nice!

(Holmes) #57

@Cody17, when is the game jam over? When do we need to submit our games? Please give a UTC time.

(Pharap) #58


May I suggest we say from 00:00 September 1st in UTC+12:00 to 00:00 September 11th in UTC-12:00 (sorry various tiny islands)?

So for UTC+00:00 that’s 12:00 August 31st to 12:00 September 11th.

Is everyone happy with this time frame?

When you’ve got a proper time decided I’ll make a time-locked submission thread with my moderator magic.

Then there will be no arguing about who managed to submit in on time - because the thread will automagically lock when the time is reached.

(Holmes) #59

That seems to be until 7AM CST (Texas Time) on Tuesday, September 11th. Works for me.

(Simon) #60

Works for me in Australia.