Unofficial Game Jam 4: Ends 12:00 UTC+00:00

(Pharap) #61

@Cody17 I assume from your like that’s a yes?

Rather than make the thread myself (since that would mean I get a load of notifications for something I’m not going to be heavily involved in - something I didn’t think about yesterday), you make a submission thread and I’ll apply the timer afterwards.

(Simon) #62

Are you able to alter his original post and add it there? Might be better than a second thread altogether.

(Scott R) #63

I’ll have to pass I’m still a white belt in codefu plus have heaps of unfinished stuff.

(Pharap) #64

I think a separate submission thread to be used only for submitting would be better.

That way people can use the other threads for chatter and we can keep that thread ‘business only’ so it’s easy for organisers to spot who the entrants are.

In particular,
we don’t want another incident where someone gets missed from the list and we have to restart the poll.
Banning ‘chatter’ from the submission thread will make that less likely to happen.

(Simon) #65

Yep … good idea.

I will start the thread if @Cody17 doesn’t do it within the next hour or so.


Think my idea is shot, already hit the ram limit with 2 of my map objects. Times pretty short for me too so I might be out unless I think of something different tomorrow.

(Stephane C) #67

I am sure you can do it or at least make it more like a teaser and make it bigger later after the jam. It might still be worth it.

(Pharap) #68

I could take a quick look if you want.
I won’t be entering anyway so I don’t mind having the odd glance at different people’s code.


I’ll keep progressing I guess. (idk what that tank thing is) I’ve been a little fried lately so that isn’t helping me along. :sweet_potato:

I might need some help putting some things into PROGMEM as I struggle with that. I’ll pm you if I get to that point. My world objects won’t need to be mutable.

(Pharap) #70

(Josh Goebel) #71

Compress maps? Render tiles and kill the 1kb buffer?

(Simon) #72

Are we likely to see an entry from you, Mr, Holmes?

(Holmes) #73

I have an idea I wanna try with the unicycle theme… But yeah, anyway, been busy with job stuff and working on a Node.js server for playing my card game online. I also have a rugby match this weekend, but after that, I will devote a few days to it. :grinning:

(Simon) #74

I think the unicycle part of the theme will be untapped so it will be interesting to see what you come up with.


I can offer Square Nose stickers to the five best games of the jam.

(Miloslav Číž) #76

A bit offtopic, but I just noticed OpenGameArt just announced an upcoming game jam:


So you people who like jamming have another event you might enjoy. Here is the thing: I think it might be possible to enter with an Arduboy game – the rules say it must be playable under Windows 10 – either native or in browser, which I think Arduboy emulator could pass, but I’d be sure to get this confirmed first.

(Cody) #77

Yeah sure. Look awsome btw

(Simon) #78

Nice one!   


The unicycle is a main part of my idea, kinda

(Simon) #80

Awesome … should be an interesting game!