Unofficial Game Jam 4: Ends 12:00 UTC+00:00

(James Howard) #101

Here is a little teaser from my upcoming entry, a skeleton on a unicycle!


Think I’m going to call it Bone Shakers! :grin:

(JohnnydCoder) #102

Thank you @serisman!

I got the code working and am continuing with my game!:smile:

Are you making a game for the game jam?

(serisman) #103

Glad you got it working.

No, I am not making a game for this game jam. Too busy last weekend and this weekend. … and I am working on a different (not yet disclosed) Arduboy related project at the moment.

(Pharap) #104

Scary reminder that you’re all running out of time :P

The closing time is September 11th, 12:00, UTC+00:00
The current time is September 9th, 15:32, UTC+00:00

Less than 2 days remain…

In case you all lose it, the submission thread is here:


Wished the Jam was more like a month :stuck_out_tongue: I might have a entry then.


I’ve reached the playable milestone. Depending on how you describe playable.

(James Howard) #107

I’ve submitted my entry Bone Shakers! on the submission thread

It is a sort of Super Mario Kart style game featuring skeletons riding unicycles around a dungeon race track :smiley:

(JohnnydCoder) #108

I’ve also reached playable!! :smile:

(Pharap) #109

It has skeletons - instant approval.

(Cody) #110

Mine is playable!!!

Bone Shakers (Unofficial Game Jam 4)

Somebody do all the graphics and finishing touches for me please. :potato:

(Cody) #112

Game jam closes today around 12:00-1:00 Aus time😀

(Pharap) #113

13 hours and 13 minutes remaining…

(Good thing I checked. I’d accidentally set the timer an hour behind instead of an hour ahead :P)


US only has a few hours left. (My graphics will take the fall this time)

(Pharap) #115

This is why it’s better to make the deadline a weekend,
then people can burn the night away.

I burn my candle at both ends, it will not last the night.
But ah my foes and oh my friends, it gives a brilliant light.


I think my candle got burnt from the middle out over the past 3 weeks :coffin::coffee:

(JohnnydCoder) #117

Here’s my entry:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

(Cody) #118

The game jam is over

(Simon) #119

Not according to @Pharap’s countdown. It still has 6 hours to go.

(Pharap) #120

12:00 on September 11th UTC+00:00

There’s still just under 6 hours remaining.