Unofficial Game Jam 4: Ends 12:00 UTC+00:00

(Pharap) #121

4 minutes to go!
Looks like we’ll only have the 4-5 entries.

(Pharap) #122


Since we’ve only got 6 entries (7 people since one entry is a two-man team),
would you be willing to offer everyone a set of stickers?

It would be a shame if only one person ended up without a prize.


That person would hate Arduboy for the rest of his life! Haha! I have to ask my hierarchy if our company is going to make this special offer. Wait a minute! I have no boss! What am I suppose to do?.. … Ok, we are out of danger. I just thrown a dice and it has been decided that everyone will receive the stickers.

(Pharap) #124



Sticker, sticker, sticker, mushroom, mushroom, sticker, sticker, sticker, mushroom, mushroom, sticker, sticker, sticker. Snake! It’s a snake!

(Scott R) #126

I believe @Pharap submitted a pull to @Cody17 entry before the jam closed IMO this makes it qualify as a team and he deserves a sticker too :joy:

(Pharap) #127

Technically I also advised on both Mini Rogue and Maze Rider,
and both contain small amounts of code written by me :P

To be honest though I’d be wary about giving out my address,
and I wouldn’t want to put JuiceLizard out anymore than I already am.

I appreciate the thought though.

(Pharap) #128

I hope @filmote & @Vampirics don’t come first…

It would be a shame to see such a wonderful friendship ruined by a squabble over a Gameboy :P
Also if they come second, @filmote is the prize donor so he just has to ship the prize to @Vampirics. :P

(fred ) #129

Once I send off a gameboy they can share it 6 months on 6 months off. :wink:

(Pharap) #130

In which case they’ll be forced to stay in touch to have access to the Gameboy…

That’s evil! I like it! Muahaha :P


thanks m8
adding some credits is on my todo list.


I suggest them sharing the gameboy by cutting it in half …

Unofficial Game Jam 4: Voting!
(James Howard) #133

They have to win it first! Bone Shakers and Mini rogue are neck and neck! :yum:

(Pharap) #134

Thank you King Solomon. :P

There’s no hurry, I just offered a bit of advice, as I would have done for any entrant.

(Stephane C) #135

Let’s see who wins first exactly, theres some other nice entries!

And in case our team wins I let Filmote decide. It’s more about the journey then the prizes. And I am just proud to help making games for the Arduboy.

(Simon) #136

The shipping from Canada to Australia every six months will ruin us financially !