Unofficial Game Jam 4: Voting!

Welcome to the voting phase for the first unofficial game jam.

As per usual, you have three votes.
Please use all three of your votes!

The poll will automatically close on Tuesday the 18th of September at 12:00 UTC+00:00.

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If you have not played the games, they are all listed on the Submission Thread:

Darn… I hate that I couldn’t make time to finish my game… :’(


Neck and neck …


Might be different if all voters actually cast three votes 26 x 3 != 63)


That’s some ‘strategic’ voting there @filmote :rofl:


Still neck and neck.

I’ve got a feeling a lot of people are just putting one vote for Bone Shakers and one vote for Mini Rogue and then not voting for anything else.

I’ll just mention @jhhoward & @filmote I have no issue accepting bribes.

Is there a plan if there’s a tie?

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We cut the GameBoy in half…

Or maybe settle it with a round of Janken:

I settle most disputes with sudden death. Never best 2/3.

I can supply some bread your way.

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I remember watching some Canadian (?) film about championship PRS players. The strategies they employed were brilliant.

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Get you votes in - 3 days to go.


One day to go ! Vote now and avoid the rush.


Neck and neck! No! We can’t have a tie!

Imagine the paperwork! :P

(Heed my exclamations!!!)

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It certainly is going to be a close one!

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It’s logical as both are very good ones…

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Thank you.

People may not be able to force a winner but someone who voted for both could change their vote and split the tie-break.

Thank you! A really good Jam with excellent entries from everyone and some close competition by @jhhoward.

@vampirics will be taking the GameBoy prize for our team as it (obviously) cannot be split.

@jhhoward I will pm you with details about second place - you can have you Microcard with either Tetris or 1943 on it. Your choice!


Congratulations to @filmote and @Vampirics for winning 1st place!

This jam was a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing through all the entries. Thanks to everyone who voted for Bone Shakers! :grin:


I have to admit that Bone shakers really was something! That pseudo 3d track is awesome.

The other entries were great too! Some were on their first time trying a jam. Good job!

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Wow I thought Bone Shakers had it for a moment, certainly was a close call.

Well done all there was some cracking entries.

There’s still time to win a virtual high five.