Unofficial Game Jam 4: Voting!

That reminds me that @fredster never confirmed which of the Gameboy he was willing to donate as a prize. In all cases that would be my first original Gameboy in 40 years :wink:

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Take your pick if memory serves

It was the choice of the winner. One of these three in this post.

Let me know which one you want and PM me your details and I’ll get it out to you ASAP. Congratulations, Mini Rouge plays and looks great!

P.S. Since this is your first Gameboy I am sending it along with the pack in game it originally came with. Rhymes with shmetris.


Personally I would go for the screen from the first one with the second ones shell finished with the thirds buttons😛

Which hand held did you have back in the day? :wink:

Wetris? :smile:

What I had back in the day was a Donkey Kong Junior dual screen game&watch… And then way later my first modern handheld was a game gear.

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Now we have to do create a dual screen closable Arduboy edition special for all double screen old g&w remakes :wink: and for double screen games of nintendo too (even with nintendo it’s can’t be real remake to avoid problems…)

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