Unofficial Team-ARG game repository for Arduboy Mate

I frequently use mockfrog’s Arduboy Mate App to flash games to my Arduboy on the go, and although you can upload games in your phone’s files, neither Crait or Erwin’s repos (which I use most) have any Team ARG games in them as far as I can see, so I wanted to make an additional unofficial repository for these games for use in the app.
Here are the links for the github and json files:

I think I remember reading this is because Team ARG explicitly asked for their code to not be included in the repos.

(I could be wrong though. @eried would probably know.)

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Thanks for letting me know. If this is the case I’ll take it down.

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Yeah, but @JO3RI has recently retracted that statement, with some stipulations.


@crait thanks for linking this. If you or anyone else can find the time to just check through the json and help amend it to fit these guidelines, it would be greatly appreciated. The items in the list are quite basic as I wasn’t sure exactly how to do banners, websites etc. I can, however, add these files to the github and link them if this is necessary. Also thank you @Pharap

Edit: The reason this only has the metadata indicated is because this was originally intended for personal use, but I wanted to make it public if anyone wanted to use it too, rather than making their own.

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I vaguely remember that now.

(Most of those ‘stipulations’ are pretty much implicit.)

It depends what format Mockfrog’s thing uses.
If it handles .arduboy format files then you could save yourself the hassle by just copying across all of the .arduboy files from TeamARG’s website.
It might also be worth sticking a in to:

  • Maintain a list of the games (possibly with links to their original locations and licence + author information).
  • Add the usual disclaimers (“I am not affiliated with TeamARG, blah blah blah”).

For future reference, if a game distributes a .arduboy file, you can treat it as a .zip file, unzip it and there’s a .json file inside that will already have most of the information that you’d need for your mini repos.
See also: one of my comments from earlier in the week:

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Thanks. They were all .arduboy files, which I unzipped and got the .hex from, as I needed to link to the raw file and wasn’t sure if this was possible for zip or .arduboy with github. Just to be clear, do I actually need to add these details in the .json file (I don’t expect anyone to read it) or just add the readme, as you mentioned with the things you said?

Do you mean putting the read me in the github folder?

I’ll have a go at copying over some info from the info.json files from the .arduboy files.

Also, as long as I make these amendments, it is ok for me to keep this repo up, isn’t it?
Thanks again for the help!

I suggest you to try too :slight_smile:

With that one you can just click an arduboy link from my repo to get it flashed. No need to download the hex, etc…

If you want to get more games on to the repo, you could do it:

You just need a github account and read the instructions.


Having it in the .json would be preferable, just in case the program can present that data to the user somehow.

But you don’t have to, and putting it in a would be better than nothing.

Yes, adding a file with the name
That’s the most common convention for GitHub readme files.
When you first make a repo through the GitHub UI, GitHub actually offers to add a for you.

The .md extension is because it uses markdown (alternative guide here).
It’s very similar to the formatting this forum uses, but with one or two minor differences (e.g. you only get a proper new line if you put two spaces at the end of the line),
so the usual ways of writing bulleted lists will work (*s or -s).

I think you should be fine as long as you indicate where the original files come from at some point,
and you’re clear about who made them.

I think most other people don’t worry as much because they’re happy enough with just having the contributor’s names in the game’s credits (like I did with Minesweeper).

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Hope you don’t mind, but I have actually used some games from your repo to build my own private one. Including hopper and bangi, as I couldn’t find .hex files for these anywhere else.

You can do anything with my repo as long as you follow each game license :slight_smile:

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Would you mind explaining what you mean by this.

Each author who uploaded games into also specified a set of rules for the game:

But I think If you keep your own repo private it does not matter. But it might be “unpolite” to say it in normal words to do something else if its not allowed.

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I just tried out the Arduboy Utility. It is very cool! :+1:
Do Team-Arg also use these licenses?

As @crait said, you have to check their post about the topic.

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This is what I was referring to when I said I wasn’t sure how to include banner, website etc, meaning keywords for the json file or the line of code I need in the list. I know that the Arduboy Mate app allows links to website and screenshots, but when I tried with URL and SourceURL nothing happened.

Alright, will do. Thanks.