Untitled pseudo-3D scrolling platformer

I think i was just going about it the wrong way and overcomplicating things. I tried a different approach without any of that. But ill keep all that in mind for future reference.

I had two separate functions that both returned the current Y position of a line based on its index (one for filling the space between two lines and one for creating platforms) when i couldve just used one of them instead of doing it twice.

Particularly just drawing the ground lines… any time i try to move on from that i keep having to redo whatever im trying to do next then go back and redo the ground lines too so i still haven’t progressed at all. At the moment im having problems trying to fill the space between two lines because it wraps with the ground lines so if i fill a space between more than two adjacent lines then it wraps behind the player before appearing on the horizon… so i need to come up with a creative solution to fix this (because everything ive tried so far has come up short)…

Ive been trying to for a few years now, but i cant find a therapist that takes my insurance… everywhere else is booked 2-3 months out (and my current therapist can only schedule me once every 2 or 3 months)… cant do much else other than just deal with it :man_shrugging: