Unusual Olympic Sports

Did you see break-dancing will be in the 2024 Olympics?


I did not, incredible :joy:

I have this vision of a bunch of 50-year olds with pony-tails reliving the '80s.


Sounds like an episode of Futurama!


Next will be competition Yo-Yo’s.

You will have to compete with those classic Coke / Fanta / Sprite ones from the '80s.

I wonder in the break-dancing if you can compete in teams and have a real uprock competition.

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At this rate they’ll be adding Irish Martial arts, wrasslin and bowls next.

This is a particularly fun read:

Olympic kite flying anyone? Pigeon racing maybe?


How about ‘strange spellings of Olypics’?

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My keyboard probably needs cleaning again.

You do know you can edit the title though, right?
It would only have taken two clicks and a single keypress to rectify.

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Yeah … but where’s the fun in that?

I’m already surprised when they introduced “mountain triathlon”. Now the bike manufacturers are going to be stretching their minds to build carbon-fiber mountain bikes so the sportsmen (and sportswomen) can carry them uphill faster
Perhaps they already rolled a few out to the road.

Arduboy Jam of unofficial/wacky Olympic sports anyone? :eyes:

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That could be cool.

I am not so sure how to do the breakdancing game though.


Really? :astonished: That will be interesting to see.

A rhythm game would work. (E.g. Arrows flying across the screen.)

Failing that, there’s that dancing plant creature game I mentioned a while back. (I forgot the name again, so clearly it’s not a very memorable title…)

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Could do a quick-time style game, where pairs of button combinations make different breakdancing moves, and a sequence is shown that the player has to input before a timer is up. More button combinations are added as you progress to increase the difficulty, and the timer can be decreased as well for a harder challenge.

I think I should do it on a Arduboy some time later. The entire “i hate this game”, you know. Or what that resembles it.

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Oh yeah, that could work! The graphics would need to be a looot better than that though.

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I’d never heard of this game before.

It reminds me a bit of The Impossible Quiz (an old Flash game from the golden era of Flash games - the late 00s).

Since it’s essentially a collection of minigames, I don’t think you’d fit many minigames into a single .hex. To be able to have lots of minigames I think you’d have to make use of the FX chip and some sort of bytecode-based scripting language.

What I actually meant by ‘arrows flying across the screen’ was something like Dance Dance Revolution.


That could be fun! I’ve seen a couple games like that for arduboy from a while ago, BiriBiriBeat and DDRBoy

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Neither had I.
One of my friends were watching some “interesting” things on Youtube and so I heard of it.
And, think it was 2019 summer sale (discounts are crazy), I used some leftover $ in Steam and purchased it.
(I could ask for refund since this “software” have no copyright protection, but I don’t regret this … $2, I think.)

I thought the graphics are quite okay. It’s their style.

I might, or I might not.
I probably won’t fit a lot, but there only need to be that much for it to be compelling.