UP button not responding anymore

Hi together,

My UP button is not responding good anymore. I need to press the button really hard in order to get any response.
I’m programming a game which heavily uses the UP button.
So I was wondering if you can wear off the buttons so fast.

Other than that, I also did some experimenting with detecting voltage changes (USB plugging in, etc.).
The code for that was on Battery power level.
So the second question, can you brick something internally by modifying the software or pins (pinMode, etc).

I flashed some test applications (including Examples -> Buttons) with the same results.


If a button still works somewhat by pressing it hard, then it’s probably a bad button.

If the button stops working completely, it’s possible the pin it’s attached to on the processor could have been damaged by setting the pin as an output, setting that output high, and then pressing the button thus shorting the pin to ground. But as mentioned above, since the button still works by pressing it hard, this is unlikely to have happened.

One of our Pixel artist had the same problem with the up button. It’s a hardware problem. He made the problem better by opening the Arduboy and switching the dome contacts with one of the other buttons.

That’s what I thought too. But I had the same problem previously and it kind of solved itself by flashing some different apps a few times. Maybe its a loose connection.

whats the dome contacts? can you elaborate a bit more, please. :slight_smile:

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it’s the golden things that are under the buttons, the things that make contact when you push the button.

If you have any problems with the buttons that stop responding please do let us know in the contact form! The factory attached the stickers with the metal snap domes by hand and so sometimes there is some minor placement errors that will cause issues like this.

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Check the plastic buttons covers, my right button was a bit dodgy when it arrived, I had to press quite hard for it to do anything, so I took the case apart and swapped them around and it all works fine now. If that didn’t work, I’d considered filing it down/building up the underside to make contact with the switch better.

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@bateske I submitted my problem via contact form - no response yet.
Also, I couldn’t fix it myself. It seems like if the PCB moves just a tiny little bit inside the case, the button stops responding.

I swapped all keys in arbitrary ways, which didn’t solved anything. The same goes for building up the underside.


Sometimes we aren’t immediately able to respond to emails but I’ll go in and double check what’s up. You can also reach me by messaging on Kickstarter as well. Hang in there we will get you the help you need!