Up button not responsive as it used to be

So about a few days ago my up button started to not be as responsive as it used to be. It never gave me trouble in the past, the button stills works but it requires some force for the press to be registered. I’ve tried cleaning the button and button circuit with cleans alcohol, but still nothing.

Any help?

I’ll try charging my Arduboy to see if the problem was a low battery, but I doubt that’s the problem.

It’s rare but it does happen that the button wears out. It’s actually usually due to a defective button or poor contact from the factory. If you’ve got a copy of your receipt or you purchased it from the Arduboy store write to arduboy.com/contact and I can help repair or replace it for you.

First off, thank you for your response, second off, I got my Adruboy for Christmas 2 years ago, I’m pretty sure that it was purchased online off the official website, (I can just check with my parents to make sure it was.) and so they would repair it for me if we confirmed that we purchased it?

And again, thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated.

Oh ya and fyi, charging the Arduboy didnt work, but it still needed charging anyway

Thank you for your help, Bateske because that up button was really annoying when trying to play Solitaire. And btw just to let you know, I will be dipping my toes into game developing quite soon. So be on the lookout for the my game uploads, I think the whole community will enjoy the ideas I have in store. And once more thank you.


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I do not remember if the button domes are sealed, but I would drop some alcohol and clean the pads

The buttons are sealed, which makes it so it’s impossible to try and fix it yourself. And thank you @filmote.

Its not really possible to fix this on your own as taking off the sticker kind of ruins it. You need a new sticker, which I have. Or a new arduboy, which I also have.

My Arduboy was purchased off of Amazon, would they still repair it?