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Hi Guys, I have uploaded my first game “Adventure” on the Arduboy.
Now I wanted to upload a new game which also works successfully.
But unfortunately it will only start the game “Adventure”. What can I do?

LG Niko


Oh dear you might have to do what @mlxxxp said because I have no idea what to do. but fair warning arduventure is a greate game but it can slightly mess your arduboy.

No, it doesn’t mess up the Arduboy. The Arduboy performs exactly how it’s programmed to. The game is safe to install. This is exactly why Flashlight Mode was designed. Following the simple instructions in the linked thread will allow you to install other, more up-to-date games.

@crait very true but why do you need to put it in flash light mode? Does that mean I have to do flash light mode for all games?

Nope- Some games require it because of the way that they were designed. Almost all games should work without having to use it.

Ohhh sorry. If I learn from my mistakes I will be genuine soon!

No need to be sorry. :slight_smile: You’re just excited about the Arduboy, like the rest of us are!

Ok if that is the point shouldn’t every one be answering with flash light mode on all the unanswered topics about this problem or are there many ways?

We try to answer all the questions we can about this issue, but because so many people are excited about Arduventure, this same question is posted many times a week. Not only that, but many of the posts that you see are really old, before most people had an Arduboy.

Before responding to a discussion, I always try to make sure it’s new. If it’s older than a few months, then I try not to respond to it unless I have something really important to say. That’s common etiquette on websites like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I see a post where someone is asking about this and it’s really old, I don’t respond because that person is likely to have solved the problem already and may have asked elsewhere on the forum.

Hopefully that explains a little bit. :slight_smile:

Ohhhh ok thanks @crait I will stop wasting your time now😄

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Actually, in reality Flashlight mode’s purpose was intended to be exactly what the name implies: A flashlight (torch), that would be available as a bonus with every game loaded into the Arduboy, to help you find your keys, read a note in a dark car, etc…

The fact that it’s useful for recovering from the “high RAM use” bug is a bonus. Initially, the library included a “safe” mode designed for recovery from the problem. You held UP and LEFT at the same time while booting, to just go into an idle loop. Safe mode was removed for the production Arduboy because it has a reset switch and also Flashlight mode serves the purpose as a side effect, making safe mode redundant.

You can see from the discussion that using it to recover from the RAM problem wasn’t something that was initially considered: