Uploading games to the Micro Arcade

Hello, everybody! I’m back on the forum. With my return I have found out about the Micro Arcades.

After I was thinking about my discovery, I was wondering something. Is it possible to upload custom games to the Micro Arcade? I know it was possible with the MicroCard; it just had the side-effect of never getting Tetris back. I think the Micro Arcade, with it’s square color screen and landscape orientation, would be really cool to develop custom games for.

I’m not sure if it would be possible, or if it even connects to the Arduino IDE. If it does run off Arduino, I can’t find any open source libraries for it, so I don’t know how that would work.

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Great question! I would love to re-flash one of these.


I don’t have one to hand but afaik it’s pretty much the same hardware as the Tiny Arcade units and It’s possible to dump the flash on those.

All of my information leads me to believe it’s the same hardware as the Tiny Arcade so anything to homebrew those would also work.

There seems to be a programming connector on the bottom back side of the pcb, but underneath the screen seems to be a full compliment of test pads for the display and other gpio possibly.

I’m also considering making an Aruduboy swap-mod that will reuse everything except the PCB. So you could use the color screen with the 32u4. But then we are in the problem area of running out of significant resources to actually push pixels to the display primarily not having enough ram for pixel buffers. Then I run into the whole category of what chip to use then instead? Adafruit emailed me and told me to use the SAMD51 so then it can run circuit python in addition to also supporting a mass-media dfu mode where you can drag and drop hex files completely negating the need for having an IDE installed…

SAMD51 replacement PCB in for the Micro Arcade anyone?

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I would like to vote yes but availability in the UK is an issue.

'I don’t have one yet. But it’s hard to guess whats under the black blobs. My best bet is some GPL162XX from General Plus. Hardware may be similar but there are differences in software as the Tiny Pac Man Arcade and the Micro Arcade have different sounds/

Do you have specs of the display? I know It’s SPI but wonder if it supports an 8-bit mode.


International shipping!

Do you have a link for this?

Arduboy warez :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my… That brings me back to my younger days lol

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Has anyone taken a look at the pads on lower edge of the backside of the PCB? Those look like testpads or serial pads. I’ve disassembled the battery to see if there is something on the silkcreen, but nothing…

There are also test pads under the display. Good luck finding any documentation or toolchain on this. I’ve only talked to the developers about this in general but whenever they have to change anything in the games it supposedly takes a really long time.

Is there any update on wether a pcb swap would be made?

This would be fun, but the project isn’t on the burner.