Uploading to FX

Has anyone attempted adding additional games to the flash memory? I’ve looked around and haven’t seen much info on the subject. I’d LOVE to get Starduino working on my FX!


I haven’t done it myself yet, but here is a reference:

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Nice! Thanks!

Don’t know if you ever got it figured out, but I just managed to successfully put starduino on my fx mod-chip! it’s decently straightforward, though not 100% obvious. This was done on a raspberry pi running raspbian OS, but should be the same process for just about any linux machine.

First you’ll need two repos: the one already mentioned above, Arduboy Python Utilities and Arduboy-FX-modchip (activator).

You’ll also want to grab a .hex of whatever game you are adding (starduino in this case) and a screenshot of the title screen.

You’ll need python3 and pyserial, install them if they are not already satisfied.

In the FX-modchip repo, under /Arduboy-FX-mod-chip/portable-activator/ there’s the image that we flash to put everything on the FX. this should be familiar for anyone that programmed the hardware-only mod-chip. For convenience, we’re going to copy this file over to Arduboy-Python-Utilities.

Open up a terminal and cd into Arduboy-Python-Utilities.

python3 flashcart-decompiler.py flash-image.bin

Once this is done, you will have a new folder called “flashcart-image”
open tis in your favorite file browser and you will see a flashcart-index.csv file and 16 enumerated folders.
Folder 0 is the arduboy FX title screen.
Folder 1 is the Action category.
Folder 2 is the Adventure category.
Folder 3 is Arcade.
In each of these folders will be another enumerated list of folders starting from 0. These 0 folders contain the image for the category, so if you get lost, just check the png on 0 of your sub-directory and you’ll know what category you are in.
Each of the folders after zero is a game and it’s corresponding title screenshot.
For Starduino, I figured Shooter(12) was a decent category for it to sit in. cd into 12 and you will see 29 game folders.
Create a new folder, in this case, 30, as it’s the 30th in the list for this category.
Now copy the .hex file and .png from your selected game and paste it into this new folder. Rename the files from whatever they are to “30.hex” and “30.png”.

We’re almost done! navigate back to the flashcart-index.csv that we decompiled and open with your favorite text editor. Find this line:


and under it add:


save it, and then in your terminal make sure you are in the Arduboy-Python-Utilities directory, and run:

python3 flashcart-builder.py flash-image/flashcart-index.csv

wait for it to finish, and you have a new binary to upload!Plug your Arduboy in and do so by running:

python3 flashcart-writer.py flash-image/flashcart-image.bin

Once it’s done, you’re good to go :slight_smile: it will be at the bottom of the list in the category you chose (press UP). Hope this makes things clear for anyone having trouble with it!


Oh wow! Thank you so much!

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No problem!

@legasshole @poevoid just missed this but I created a small wrapper script to make loading game libraries to FX easier here:

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Nice! looks promising :slight_smile:

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