USB disconnected sound

Okay so when I hold up at the arduventure screen i just keep hearing the “device unplug” noise over and over. Im not using arduino with the silly port stuff. Just Arduboy Uploader. Which wont change the game out.
So ya, help.

Sounds like a problem with the cable, can you try a different micro-USB cable?

If it happens with more than one cable it might be the port in the Arduboy. You might also check to see if there is anything obstructing the port like some dust or lint, give it a cleaning and try again.

You can probably tell that email was during frustrations. I came into work and tried it on a different computer and it worked instantly. Somehow my computer at home decided to not want to see the arduboy anymore. I assumed it was due to the resetting over and over from Arduventure.

Things never seem to work for me either, you aren’t alone. It’s either the cable hope it isn’t your port on your home computer!

If I had to guess, I’d say your problem is probably driver related.
Particularly if you never actually installed the Arduino IDE.
Reinstalling the drivers might fix it if you’re up for attempting that.

Technically all the Arduboy Uploader programs still do the “silly port stuff” - that’s pretty much the only way to upload an Arduboy program.
The only difference is the degree to which information is hidden from the end user.

Theoretically it could even be that the Arduboy Uploader you’re using is actually the one having the problem.
E.g. You might have more than one COM port registered and the uploader is trying to use the wrong one.

The Arduino IDE would tell you if there’s more than one COM port,
I don’t know if the Arduboy Uploader that you’re using would.
(There are at least three uploaders that I’m aware of and not all are open source.)

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