USB Troubles make this device unusable

In my brief time with the Arduboy I have so far been disappointed. Using the Arduino IDE, or using Codebender, every time I plug in the Arduboy, it causes Windows to reinstall the USB drivers (courtesy of the extremely slow Windows Update process). Every time I send a sketch to the device, it causes the same issue. It’s unusable. What is going on with this?

Hello, this is an unusual behavior. The USB drivers should only install once if they are correctly installed. If you have used codebender, you shouldn’t have to install anything extra since the usb driver is included.

Have you restarted your computer since trying the install? It sounds like the issue is with your computer perhaps, or some administrative privileges set on your account.

I’m assuming you’ve not had any similar issue with any other USB equipment on that PC?

Yup, no similar issues with USB equipment on this PC. I have found a solution which stops the windows update issues at least. Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Hardware Tab -> Device Installation Settings > Select “Install driver software fromWindows Update if it is not found on my computer”. Absolute madness to find Windows is set to always install from Windows Update (even if you did only just disconnect / reconnect). It still re-intalls the driver everytime I upload a sketch, but at least is does it Quickly now.

You are able to use the Arduboy alright once the driver installs?

If anyone here is more familiar with windows drivers or has seen this problem before might comment. We haven’t seen any other users with this problem, maybe you might be able to get some support from Microsoft? :sweat:

Yes, once it’s set up I can send Sketches.

Yeah this behavior almost certainly has to do with your systems configuration. Can you try it on a fronds computer to verify?

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Are you using the Administrator Account on Windows?

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Oh, I might be just a little late here :smiley: