USB Vendor and Product IDs

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Out of curiosity, what USB Vendor and Product ID is used for the Dev Kit? Do you think they will be changed for the production version?

I doubt the Arduboy will have it’s own Vendor ID; they’re expensive. Someone else might allow the use of their Vendor ID and provide the Arduboy with a unique Product ID. I don’t know who that someone might be though.

I imagined they would have to be. From what I’ve read it’s really, really bad to just use someone else’s IDs. Right now it’s just pretending to be a Arduino Leonardo. The USB consortium or whatever really frowns upon people just borrowing someone else USB IDs. I didn’t realize that it was super expensive to get proper USB identifiers though.

…a couple of options:

This would be another advantage of opting to use a dedicated FTDI chip for USB to serial conversion - no need to worry about USB IDs!

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What a great option.

Or Kevin could just pay $5,000 and get it done officially - perhaps he built that into his original budget. If not though looks like a neat idea.