Using a battery holder with a DIY Arduboy

Hey! So I have a working Arduboy now, but I need something to power it. My big powerbank isn’t going to cut it, due to it’s size. I think batteries would be good at this. Two AAs should be good, because 3v is enough, right? Also, is there anything I need to know using them or do I just straight up attach it to positive and negative?

One thing I realized, I could use the RAW pin. I can use voltage up to 12 volts, so would 4 AAA batteries (6v) be just fine to power the device?

Rechargeable NiMH cells are closer to 1.25V, instead of the 1.5V of non-rechargeable alkaline or zinc-carbon cells. If you use 4 NiMH cells in series, you’ll get close to 5V, which can be fed to the VCC pin.

If you use 4 1.5V non-rechargeable cells, for 6V, you could feed to the RAW pin. Due to the dropout voltage of the board’s voltage regulator, the regulated voltage may drop below 5V as the battery nears end-of-life but the board will very likely still work fine at the lower voltage.

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Hello, I am having the same issue. I am trying something like @Ard_Flamingo , though I am wondering about the raw pin. If I apply 6 volts there, to a 5 volt 16 megahertz arduino, what would happen? Is it too much? Or too little? If the board will only use 5 volts, what will happen to that extra 1 volt?

I think I’ll try out the nimh batteries, thanks for the help :grinning:

The RAW pin is expected to receive between 6V and 16V (although I wouldn’t go above 12V). A voltage regulator on the board will then take this voltage and regulate it to 5V to power the board.

The difference between the RAW input voltage and 5V will be converted by the regulator into wasted heat based on the current that the board is using.

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Okay. So will it become hot from that extra volt or not too noticeable?


It will depend voltage above 5V that you’re using and the current the circuit draws. A 1V difference at 40mA will waste 40mW of heat.

Dropping 6V down to 5V will waste 1/6 of the total power your circuit is using.

I’m going to order some of this voltage booster boards:

It seems perfect to use a single 1,5V battery. Rechargeable or not.

Input from 0.9 to 5V and outputs 5V ( or 3V another variant). Very cheap alternative to power diy arduboys.

I don’t know how bad the power loss will be but it can be a good way to drain batteries.

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It works just fine.
It’s so little and cheap!
Quite convenient for simple, quick clones.