Using Arduous Emulator?

I have a couple of Arduboys however I have an emulation device called a Miyoo Mini Plus. You can run Arduboy games in on it using Arduous.

What I want to know is most games are . hex files which looks like a screen dump.

How would I make it into a single file in order to be able to run the games?

I can download.ino files but they don’t load or show up in Retroarch.

Thanks in advance.

.hex files aren’t screen dumps, they contain executable machine code.

When I click on the link it just loads of random code.

I’m not a programmer so I wouldn’t know how I import the code into the rom folder.

I’ve got it working.

Was able to save the .hex files into the Arduboy folder and some of the games work some albeit a bit slow and some games load but don’t work.

Thanks for your help.

Can you list those that don’t work? I am interested to see if they have a common link.

I’ve tested the following games and they all do work for most part. They open and play, they play quite slow.

The only game that didn’t work all that well was Burgard Time which took nearly 5 minutes to load the level and could only do the first couple of levels.

Bearing in mind I’m not using a real Arduboy here I’m emulating the games on the Miyoo Mini Plus using the Arduous emulator Core from Retroarch.

Burgard time Y/N

Circuit Dude Y

Digger Y

Jetpac. Y

Suitshooter Y

Tiny NS-Tower Y

Train Dodge Y

Rooftop Y

I think @Vampirics has experience with that emulator.

I am guessing that none of the FX games will work.