Using MicroSD to expand available memory

Just use the framebuffer as the file buffer. Unless you’re streaming video from the SD to the screen, you probably don’t need both at the same time.

That’s one of the reasons you do need at least some caching.

You could treat the 512 byte blocks as 256 byte blocks if need be, effectively halving the SD capacity (or 128 byte and quartering it).
But it still seems like a bit of a waste.

You could always have loading screens lack back in ye olden days.
Games like Dark & Under would probably function fine with that restriction in place.

If we’re really going up to a SAMD21 though, 512 bytes is nothing.

Do we have to get into a philosophical discussion of the differences between these? I suppose it’s a sliding scale based on how much is actually being done about it.

I’ve not built a prototype yet, but I want to build a shield for the zero that can be distributed so we can start working on the software and stop going in circles talking about what features it should have.

It’s another subject but what’s holding me back in some respects is building an audio amp circuit.