Using Rubber Buttons On Clones/Casemods

Cool projects, but why don’t more people use rubber buttons? You can find a lot of chinese clones of the ALPS SKPD switches if you search for the following terms on eBay or Aliexpress:

  • rubber
  • switch
  • button
  • 8x8
  • 8mm
  • 7.8mm


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I’m ordering this button this week. Somehow using the regular 4 pin push button broke easily and I have to change one of the button regularly and solder it back every week. Hopefully this rubber button solve my problem


There is also a 4-pin version of the rubber buttons which is easier to use on a breadboard, instead of the 2-pin version.


How do you mean “broke easily”?
Do they wear really fast or something?

yup, after few week of use, they are sometimes not responding to a button press

Okay i’ll keep that in mind, if the same happens to me i’ll buy the rubber variant to replace the mechanical ones. But i do like the mechanical ones more because i can customise the color of it. :wink:

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Yep the rubber ones is WAY better
They use conductive rubber that do not produce spark or oxidize the contact surfaces. (Until the rubber wear out after something like, 30 years)
Also consider the much-larger-in size micro switches that will NEVER break (they are typically rated to have something like 1,000,000 switching lifetime, although they are the loud-clicking ones inside mouses)
One of my crappy RC buggy’s switch was those not-good plastic “mechanical” ones and they stop working on the SECOND HOUR
One of the reason the Arduboy SPECIFICALLY use the gold-plated tactile buttons and why I specifically checked that when I buy it–gold plated ones are a lot better.On the other hand, touchpad (on bare printed circuitry) should work fine.(resistance might be too high)
Where’d you get those rubber ones??!! Or I will be using microswitches.

Ok great, It is time for me to make another arduboy using this button. I was thinking making my own PCB since I just learning using Kicad recently. Thanks for your review

I’d not so sure about that. conductive rubber pads where replaced by metal domes in the more modern hand held consoles. Also pressing them with your bare fingers may not work very well if you dont press them dead center. for A+B buttons it would probably be ok but for the D-pad I’m not so sure. Wouldn’t surprise me if with intense play you’d pop the rubber domes out of their sockets.

For a breadboard I think 6x6mm tactiles with a low height (4.3mm / 5mm) would be best IMO. Tactile buttons with higher pegs may be easily pushed out of the breadboard.


…pop them out… I think it depends on the quality of the button itself. Panasonic and OMRON ones should be fine.
I don’t know.
(if you check TV remotes, they are still the rubber one. In fact all the buttons are on the same sheet of rubber)
I have actually spent time comparing buttons. Most of the time the rubber ones don’t need to e changed. But yep, they kind of have a not-as-good feel.(depends)
But bare metal tactile buttons are not something I will pickMy 7-years-old DELL laptop’s 7-years-old touchpad with the same button found inside Arduboy(not Devkit) is still working fine.
But I can tell you those small, square black ones are UTTER TRASH. They are dirt cheap but they are…well, trash. Don’t use them. If you are using them, change them into something else after they break. (the metal-cased ones and the bigger ones seem to be better made, but it is difficult to choose among as they can be crap OR good ones, but chances are, they are usually junk.)

That’s happened to one of the domes on my spacebar.
Thankfully it has a second dome so it still works, but if I hit it too close to the edge it won’t react anymore, so I’ve had to get used to hitting it as close to the centre as possible.

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