USPS delivery pending for over a month & no support response


I’ve ordered an Arduboy in February, and it was shipped on March 18. Since March 20th the status of the order has not changed. I wrote to Arduboy support a few times since and never received an answer.

I understand if things are delayed because of covid-19, but still then a reply from support would be nice that yes, it is still in transition and it was not actually lost.

Anyone had similar experience?

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I understand how it can be annoying not having the Arduboy or update info about the shipping of it. Not to excuse the Arduboy company but just know that this is all taken care of by only one person so it may take some time for him to get to you. I am sure @bateske is doing his best.

Oh for sure I understand, I hope I didn’t come off too standoffish. I just want it to resolve it, because it was supposed to be a birthday gift :slight_smile:

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Just my mind but if Arduboy has been shipped, it’s now a problem with transporter and Kevin will have same possibilities as you: asking information with expedition number to the transporter to see where is your packet and why you don’t have received it (like no boat for destination, no plane, blocked in a stock, …)
It’s just my mind but except calling transporter and sending email as you can do, i don’t think that Arduboy support can do more. But i’m not in this business and maybe i don’t know some possibilities.

tldr; If it doesn’t show up soon rest assured I’ll get back to you soon, promise! Sorry, life is weird right now!

Sorry for not getting back to you, sooner! I’ve been doing a bit of triage in the email department and for some things I haven’t had time to get back.

When they are stuck in the mail like that there is very little I can do. Usually if it takes more than a month I can see what the options are as far as refunds or reshipment but in the current situation it is normal for shipping to take a month or two in some circumstances unfortunately.

In general, as long as you have a tracking number that works you have over a 90% chance that the package will eventually get to you. In all my years of shipping, about 30k or so orders I’ve only seen a few dozen get lost by the USPS.

Typically things just get stuck in customs forever, but obviosuly in the current situation it takes even longer.

So sorry I haven’t got back to people, but basically I’ve been only refunding orders that ask for it specifically, or make changes to the orders. Unfortunately I don’t have time to respond to everyone individual request for updates… in a timely manner.

Rest assured, that I’ve never left any customer service issue unresolved indefinitely. Sometimes it takes me a month or so to finally resolve a situation but I’ve only had a few wholly unsatisfied customers… that I’m aware of anyways.

So, the reason if I haven’t sent any information it’s mostly because I don’t have anything to share.

Maybe if I spent less time writing long winded posts on the forum and answering emails I’d be better off?

In my current situation I’ve only got about 2 hours a day I can spend on Arduboy stuff. Hopefully I will find some more time soon.


Hey, I had no update since from USPS, I tried to fill out their form, but I was told that they need somebody from the US to contact them.

When a package is delayed in transit, there is very little the USPS can actually do, especially if it is international. Once the package arrives into the destination country it is the responsibility of the local postal carrier.

Unfortunately most local postal carriers say the opposite.

Since the package is low value it won’t have been insured so the only option is to either continue to wait for your shipment, or work on getting a replacement or a refund. There is nothing that can be done to locate the missing package.

It’s very rare to see a package get lost, occasionally a package will take a month to get through customs. Depending on what country you are in, based on the current situation there are extremely long waits for customs. I’ve personally seen shipments taking 2 to 3 times as long as usual.

Please use and let me know that you’ve already waited more than a month and let me know your order details then I can help you from there.