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Can you add arduboy: protocol link support? I can add your app as an alternative uploader

Thanks for the detailed report!

Honestly, I’m a total noob when it comes to Macs, so if it works by double clicking (which is what I did on a borrowed system) then good enough. :stuck_out_tongue:
You only need the command line if you want to run a specific hex file. I’ll clear up the instructions in the readme.

This is the same behaviour I get when I try to flash my Pro Micro, so now I know it’s not what’s causing the problem and I can do further testing. I’ll try using the same Electron version @noopkat used in her uploader.

Ah, I missed that use-case. When you drop a file into the emulator, the uploader doesn’t have a URL to read. Will fix.

Currently, the game list is the drop target, but it makes sense that the entire app should work. I’ll change it.

I’m not sure… I’ll look into it, if I get uploading to work at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been trying to get something going on the Macintosh front but it seems like nobody can figure how to develop for the serial port… Although @FManga has done it.

I’m kind of thinking we can combine what Felipe has done with the Arduboy Manager from @crait and then link it to @eried repo? Something along those lines.

I wouldn’t say I’ve done it just yet, but I think I’m close.

Looks like @Dreamer3 got close too:

Yes!!! I got it to work! :grin:

After a few tries I managed to get a some games onto my Pro Micro. For some reason, flashing this board is iffy no matter what app I use to upload, so I hope it’ll work reliably for everybody else.

I still have some polishing up to do before making another test release.

Awesome … I will give it a go on the Mac when I get home.

Edit: Ahh … I mis-read that, you haven’t published yet?

Not yet, some of the other bugs you reported are still half-way fixed and I need to use a Mac from work to make a build, since I only have Windows and Linux at home.

Looks like arduboy: protocol support is possible, but would require making an installer. This might be annoying for those that like to simply double-click the executable to run it. Updating would also be annoying, especially since I’m making changes somewhat frequently. Might be better to leave this for later, when things are more stable.

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If someone is interestedin running it as a browser plugin I could probabably dig around for the work I did - but it wasn’t a NATIVE client. I thought that the creator of CircuitDude was working on a native Mac uploader.