VGA1306 (VGA-out for DIY Arduboys implemented on an FPGA!)

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This development is interesting but it is having less to do with Arduboy and I’m seeing more trademarked material in here. I’m going to have to ask that the trademarked content be removed from the thread or it will have to be closed. The thread might be better served by moving to an arduino forum or otherwise since it actually seems like it could benefit more than just the Arduboy community.

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*reluctantly puts hand up*

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Sorry if I’m a bit dense, but I’m a little confused about what specific trademarked material you are referring to (is it something I posted)? I’ll happily apologize and remove something in case I unintentionally broke forum rules.


No Raspberry Pi? Where is your patriotism?! :sweat_smile:

I’m a little confused as well - I see that @luribe88 has removed the title screen palette mock-ups above, so maybe this is what is being referred to? The photos I have posted are games that I own, running on a GameBoy that I own?

Anyway, have now moved the thread to the Off-Topic section :v:

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It’s important to not have the Arduboy confused as an emulator capable of running anything other than Arduboy games. I’m concerned that someone might see the post and not fully understand what is happening here.

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I’ve considered getting one, but I’ve never really needed one.
Other than maybe using it as a file server I’m not sure what I’d do with it.


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i removed the photos thinking that was the content that was being referred to as trademarked. I don’t know I’m just confused now. :tired_face:, do I put them up? do I take them down?

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Ahh overlooked that, thanks for the clarification.

The pi zero or zero w are a great starting point, only $5 or $10 respectively.

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Can you actually get one with a total cost anywhere near the $5 or $10 that I always see quoted? Every place I have seen them the shipping costs more than double the price. Maybe still a good deal, but misleading nonetheless.

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Not to get too far off topic but the Microcenter about a 40 min drive from my house has them for $5/$10 and gets regular stock in. I don’t really see it as misleading as those prices are MSRP from the manufacturer which similarly for every other online product on say ebay or amazon doesn’t necessarily include shipping/tax anyway. The issue is resellers charging disproportionate shipping prices, creating artificial scarcity, and bundling them to try and increase their net profit. But the manufacturer doesn’t have direct control over most of that, the resellers do.

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Ok thanks for that. I do have a Microcenter about an hour away. Maybe I’ll check there sometime.

Yeah, I didn’t mean the manufacturer was being misleading. More all the blogs and tech sites that don’t mention that the true cost is usually more than double the $5 cost that sounds so great. And, many places will only let you get one at a time, so I can’t even split an order with a friend to save on shipping. I’m just spoiled by cheap (usually free) shipping from China.

Sorry for the diversion. Feel free to bring it back to the regularly scheduled content.

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Got the programmer in and loaded the firmware and it works fine.

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I also 3D printed a cover for it and added a push button switch that basically adds the red pin and the blue pin together on the board itself and changes the colors a bit. basically a cheesy way to swap between colors. I mentioned earlier that the LCD was damaged so removing it made a convenient spot for the VGA-board

overall I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and I’m definitely looking forward to version 2.0 of the EasyVGA board if that happens


Love it - great work! :heart_eyes:

(PS. matt at kitsch-bent is definitely aiming towards a version 2.0)

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But where’s the colour pallets for Arduboy? the DMG guys have all the fun.


:rofl: There’s a similar section of code for the SSD1306 version:

        if(dout == 1) begin //check pixel buffer data
          vga_r_r <= 1;
          vga_g_r <= 1;
          vga_b_r <= 1;
        else begin
          vga_r_r <= 0;
          vga_g_r <= 0;
          vga_b_r <= 0;

…where you could edit the Red / Green / Blue channels to represent which two colours out of the palette of eight will make up your monochrome colour scheme.

Alternatively, a hardware solution would be to make a sort of VGA pass-through with 3 dip switches that you could toggle to turn the Red / Green / Blue channels on or off - so the background colour would still be black, but with a dynamically customisable foreground colour! :rainbow:


For @eried and anyone else wanting to learn - 8bitworkshop now has an online Verilog IDE with a built-in TV-out simulator that you can play with right in the browser! :star_struck:

I’ve ported the code for their ‘Brick Smash Game’ example over to the VGA1306 board:

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This is great! A coworker was trying to find a solution for full open source fpga workflow… But it seems so crappy compared to the actual closed ones


Even in the year since I started this thread, open-source FPGA has really been coming into its own - for the iCE40 devices there is the (now well established) Project IceStorm:

But there is now also Project Trellis for the ECP5 devices:

As well as Project X-Ray for the Xilinx 7-series:

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Awesome, cant wait for v2.0. I’d be happy to help if you need help with anything related to board layout/schematics. I think there are a few improvements that can be made hardware-wise.