VGA1306 (VGA-out for DIY Arduboys implemented on an FPGA!)

hi guys. first of all, @uXe: thank you for your work and share it with all of us.

I have bought the same FPGA board as @Mpiazza and I have downloaded the source code for the DMG from your github but I am newbie.

I have Quartus Prime Lite installed and I have working the board with some examples (blinking led…) but I don’t know how I have to modify your source code to get it working in this board.

I figure out that I should reassign pins in the .pcf file and change the CLK speed but because this board run at 48Mhz but I don’t know how exactly do that.

If you guys could help me I would be very grateful.

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@skyblue - will PM you!

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Hi all !
Hi uXe, congrats for your work !!!
Just tested DMG VGA and all works fine.:smile:

One question : witch ohm value do you use for output.
I use 100R for HSYNC and VSYNC and 500R for RGB.
Now I need to find a working Game Boy, this one have bad cartridge connector and the other one is my old made in Japan Game Boy :heart_eyes:
After that I’ll try to add second RGB bits for expanding palette and use grey values.


Looking good :slight_smile:

I used 82.5Ω for H/V sync and 270Ω for RGB - what is the FPGA board you are using?

It’s a cheap EP2C5 board :
Minimal board but really cheap and a lot of I/O :yum:

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…couldn’t help myself from having a go at this! I’ve stitched together the PicoRV32 RISC-V core with my VGA1306 FPGA code, and the experimental result is the RISC-V core running a (also stitched together) version of the Adafruit SSD1306 demo sketch that outputs directly to the VGA1306 OLED emulation - all self-contained within the FPGA!

Would need an FPGA with better specs to start running Arduboy games - the core is limited to 6656 bytes of ‘PROGMEM’ as it now stands… but the potential is there! :upside_down_face:


Any chance for an arduboy core on the mister platfom?

Seems like it’d be plenty fast enough.

Yeah it would be nice to see it on the big screen.

Definitely achievable, and I am keen to dive into MiSTer, but unless someone wants to donate a DE10-nano it is going to have to wait until I have the money to ‘spare’ :money_with_wings: :moneybag:


Ill ask some people. Do you exactly how much money you would need to get one to Australia?

There’s a seller in Australia with free postage - but the board itself is around $200 USD… steep! :tired_face:

Hey all!

I have been working with Kitschbent to produce a tutorial video on setting up the Easy_VGA board.

Big thanks to uXe first off!!!

So as I was installing the mod, I decided to make an enclosure for it to protect the PCB. I have designed a case that houses the board and a GB link port to plug a link cable between the Gameboy and the board. Thus making the mod a bit more tidy and removeable for regular gameplay on the go.

I also had my own take at a consolizer top. I just saw someone earlier printed their own as well. Nice work!

I’m finishing up the video currently, and hope to have it out early next month. I didn’t expect to work on this for so long, but having purchased a few 3d printers this winter made things drag on. Also, I had issues with longer cables doing it this way, so I have been testing out shorter VGA cables, and tried shortening the GB link cable, which helped significantly with the video signals.

I can say from messing with this board now, that it is quite a nice design! I will post the video here when it’s complete.

I am very interested in this composite version in the works!



I might not be able to help right now. I asked around and I didnt really get any responses. Check out the facebook group.

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Did you check digikey? It said free shipping

I think the free shipping for Digikey is for a minimum order value of $100.

Its $130 on digikey so I guess that would be over.

How do I send you a private message uXe?

I’ll send you one :slight_smile: