VGA1306 (VGA-out for DIY Arduboys implemented on an FPGA!)

(SkyBlue) #143

hi guys. first of all, @uXe: thank you for your work and share it with all of us.

I have bought the same FPGA board as @Mpiazza and I have downloaded the source code for the DMG from your github but I am newbie.

I have Quartus Prime Lite installed and I have working the board with some examples (blinking led…) but I don’t know how I have to modify your source code to get it working in this board.

I figure out that I should reassign pins in the .pcf file and change the CLK speed but because this board run at 48Mhz but I don’t know how exactly do that.

If you guys could help me I would be very grateful.


@skyblue - will PM you!


Hi all !
Hi uXe, congrats for your work !!!
Just tested DMG VGA and all works fine.:smile:

One question : witch ohm value do you use for output.
I use 100R for HSYNC and VSYNC and 500R for RGB.
Now I need to find a working Game Boy, this one have bad cartridge connector and the other one is my old made in Japan Game Boy :heart_eyes:
After that I’ll try to add second RGB bits for expanding palette and use grey values.


Looking good :slight_smile:

I used 82.5Ω for H/V sync and 270Ω for RGB - what is the FPGA board you are using?


It’s a cheap EP2C5 board :
Minimal board but really cheap and a lot of I/O :yum: