Video: My WIP Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley-Alike Project

(Wade Malone) #1

Hey all, I got an Arduboy around February and have been having some fun with it. My hope was to do a low pressure project in my free time… that would also be a bit of a programming challenge.

Since some of my favorite time killer games are stardew valley and harvest moon, I thought this type of game would work great on the arduboy. And due to the high amount of content required for these games to work, I felt it would be a fun challenge considering the graphical, sound and memory limitations of the platform.

So after doing a few test projects to learn the hardware, I’ve come up with a bare bones engine that:

  • allows users to move around game world, with certain tiles being typical “collision” and also “interactive” tiles of various types.
  • the A and B buttons can be mapped to any tool or item
  • tapping the A or B button will use the item
  • holding down the A button opens the item menu/inventory
  • holding down the B button will open a map/calendar
  • transition between interior and exteriors
  • sleep/save to end the current day early
  • impact the world by tilling the soil, plant seeds, water the seeds, watch them develop, and eventually harvest the crops
  • Currently there are 3 crop types for each season, each with different growth rates, seed prices, and sale values
  • I plan to also add 1 tree type and 1 type of vine for each growing season

I uploaded a quick video of some of these features: Watch the game in action

Obviously, the song in the video is not coming from the arduboy. :wink:

I still have a town and a forested area planned. In the forest area, wood, stone and wild fruits/flowers can be gathered. At a minimum, the town will contain NPCs with a variety of dialog options and shops for buying crops, upgrading tools, etc.

Ideally, I’d like to include more complex features like expanding your farmhouse, marriage options, male or female character selection, holidays, a barn for chickens and cows, and a mine. But I have a feeling I’ll run into space limitations long before then. We will see how it goes.

Would love to get some feedback, suggestions for features what have you. I spent quite a bit of time browsing the forums to learn about the arduboy before beginning my own project. So I know it’s a community with a wealth of information and suggestions.


(Simon) #2

Looks great … I haven’t been able to listen to the video (I am at work!) but hope it is Neil Young’s Harvest Moon.

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(Wade Malone) #3

Sadly no. It’s a song from Harvest Moon Back to Nature… missed opportunity! :joy:

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(Pharap) #4

Can’t really give much feedback until the game and code are posted other than “it looks good, keep it up”.

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(Wade Malone) #5

Thanks, yeah I’ll post the code sometime in the next week or two most likely. I’m sure there is plenty of optimization that can be done, but wanted to introduce myself and the project now that it’s in a semi-playable state.

The scripts still contain some leftover junk from my test programs and first passes at this project. I’ll need to get that unused code out of there.

Then I’ll drop 'em onto github and will welcome any suggestions!


(Kevin) #6

Wow! I love it! If you are curious about how to avoid some space limitations you should talk to @Mr.Blinky :wink:


(Wade Malone) #7

I hear he has an interesting accessory in the works! :wink:



This looks pretty awesome!

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Wonderful work! Glad to see more Harvest Moon/Stardew valley style games on Arduboy! :smiley: Have you checked out Tacklebox on Arduboy yet? I think you’d like it =].

I know @city41 will get a kick out of this too! (and he also made Tacklebox)

And always wonderful to see a fellow black on white pixel artist! ;D.


(Wade Malone) #10

Thanks @Mr.Blinky and @2bitcrook!

I haven’t tackled tacklebox yet, but it looks great! Reminds me of Legend of the River King.Definitely right up my alley. :wink: I feel like this type of device is perfect for this type of game. And I agree, I love the black on white look. To me, it makes the world feel more open and welcoming. While the white on black works far better for a space shooter, dungeon crawler, etc.

So far I’ve spent most of my time in Arduventure, Microcity and Omega Horizon. But I played at least a little of several games including technical showcases like Hopper and that awesome star fox style demo.

Still many games I want to try like tacklebox, Ardynia, and lots more. But after playing a few, I was feeling the itch to do my own heh.



Sounds like you’ve been having a grand time then with those games!

Also when trying out Tacklebox there is a version you can play online but I can understand if you would rather play it on an actual arduboy!

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(Holmes) #12

I just want to say that I am a huge fan of how this is heading!!