Virus LQP-79 - eighth TEAM a.r.g. game

o_O OOOH GOD you’re right !! Amy is placed on the border and if you walk right she falls off the map (yeah, who says the world is round)

@Dario_Drugo I’ll fix that and I’ll put version 1.1 online within 8 hours :slight_smile:


@Dario_Drugo and all other gamers, the new version is online.


I love this game!! Thanks @JO3RI :smiley:

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I still haven’t stopped playing this game, I love it so much.
I had an idea: a Virus Horde Mode. Even if it’s a separate application, a game based on the same animations and graphics, but rather than having an objective of saving your neighbors, Amy just has to survive as long as possible on a possibly larger map with zombies spawning progressively quicker. Zombie drops would be the same, and score would just increase steadily by ticks, therefore: the longer you survive, the more points, and killing zombies and collecting drops benefits you as well.
Idk anything about programming this, but it seems feasible with somewhat minor alterations to the source code?
Just thought I’d throw that idea out there. But until then, I still love this game as it is.


I got to level 61 and my battery went flat !! :cry:
I’ve recompiled the sketch starting back at level 61. My score is gone, but at least in some ways I don’t lose my progress.
This game needs a save feature :slight_smile:


Why is no one doing game codes, like the old Nintendo days? Wasn’t it nintendo? Maybe because no one is compiling a font so they don’t have a font to show the codes?


@JO3RI This is awesome. Kind of the feel I would have imagined for a newer Elventure if I had ever gotten around to it…


We’ll rework Dungeons in this kind of game style.


Saves would be cool for long games, but the game will then be quite a bit less long after the save system has been coded… Haha. Once the SD card version is out I think save systems will start popping up.

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i looooove this game. love it! it’s like zombies ate my neighbours but cuter :slight_smile: great job!


Thanks TEAM a.r.g.

This game is fantastic fun. If no ‘save’ function can be coded, perhaps a level selector? I have gone to level 12 before needing to do other things. :smiley:

I have no need to put any other game on this rig at the moment, great game.


Many thanks for the kind words.

We’re not going to put in a level selector, because:

  • no room :slight_smile:
  • it’s against retro gaming :stuck_out_tongue: (in the old days we didn’t have it either)

BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t cheat :smiling_imp:
If you open the game in the Arduino IDE and go to the globals.h tab. You can see:


change the 1 to any level you like (not higher than 64) and you’re all set.


Understood JO3RI, I am an old gamer (41), and recall the frustration of playing lazerblast on the Atari 2600 for about 8 hours straight. Massive high score too from what I remember, my mum took a photo of the grand achievement too. Not that dad was impressed with me wasting my life indoors…haha!


Sweet game, had some people take my Arduboy away from me to play it

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Fantastic work. I realize i’m 6 months late, but thought i’d offer this as something that would be considered for folding in.

Because ArduboyTones is not engineered to play music and sfx, I cloned the repo and switched to Playtunes, which has some more flexibility. Size is a penalty, but worth it. The Sketch is now at 27,774 bytes (96%).

To combat size, I used a single tone generator.


Better version of the audio track straight from Reason.

Do you guys think that this is something worth continuing with? =)

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Yes …

but we would use ATMlib :slight_smile: our own 4 channel chip tune library.

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I looked into using this but it doesn’t have the flexibility of music and Sound Effects from what I can tell. :frowning:

Yes it has, you can use the oscillators to do what ever you want.
Agreed I need to write the documentation on how to do that, but it comes down to:

mute a channel
do a sound effect on that channel
unmute that same channel

You will have to be playing a song, because it sets the oscillators up for you to be used. (you could add an empty song)

    for (int n = 1000; n < 4000; n += 40) {
      osc[0].vol = 63;
      osc[0].freq = n;
      osc[0].vol = 0;
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soooooo whats your high scores, i broke 100,000 this morning, one HUNDRED T H O U S A N D!!!

im verry curious to see just what happens when the score exceeds 999,999, in other games ive tried so far the points just reset

note im playing the game as is no mods and i didnt have to leave lvl 1 to get that score :wink:

Looking at the source:

The score is held in an unsigned long, which could contain a maximum value of 4294967295. I don’t see anything in the game that limits the maximum score, so presumably it could go that high before wrapping.

The score converted to a string using ltoa() and then displayed using the contents and length of resulting string. So it should be able to display the maximum value of an unsigned long.

Therefore, the maximum score before wrapping is 4,294,967,295.

However, @JO3RI, note that there is a bug in the drawNumbers() function. buf[] is only 10 bytes long but a ltoa() conversion could result in 11 bytes: 10 digits plus the null terminator. So, (however unlikely) the buffer could overflow if the score goes above 999,999,999.