Virus LQP-79 - eighth TEAM a.r.g. game

(curly) #41

well damn it im going to have to see now wont i might take a couple weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Itโ€™s not a bug :smile: itโ€™s a feature :joy:

(curly) #43

i do notica also that there IS MORE ROOM if you guys wanted to make a place to spend those points OR a high score dealie

(Scott) #44

Where I used to work, instead of bugs we called them opportunities :wink:


If @curly ever makes the score to overflow, Iโ€™ll look into the code. Working on other games now.

(curly) #46

ill let you know if it does , (no one besides me would ever notice if it does so it dosent realy matter anyway)

(curly) #47

how many lvls are in this thing?