Virus LQP-79 - eighth TEAM a.r.g. game

(curly) #41

well damn it im going to have to see now wont i might take a couple weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not a bug :smile: it’s a feature :joy:

(curly) #43

i do notica also that there IS MORE ROOM if you guys wanted to make a place to spend those points OR a high score dealie

(Scott) #44

Where I used to work, instead of bugs we called them opportunities :wink:


If @curly ever makes the score to overflow, I’ll look into the code. Working on other games now.

(curly) #46

ill let you know if it does , (no one besides me would ever notice if it does so it dosent realy matter anyway)

(curly) #47

how many lvls are in this thing?


We released version 1.5 of Virus LQP-79 including:

  • 64 new levels mixed in (total of 128)
  • 2 extra file sets for the maps (3 tile sets now shifting each level)
  • 4 extra survivor sprites (randomly switching each level)
  • 1 new zombie sprite harder to kill

short video showing the pixel art:

working on a new menu too:

  • start a new game
  • continue from auto save
  • all hell broke loose - mayhem (continuously picking random levels with 5 survivors each level, no save mode)

(Nicole Birgel) #49

Just great! It is a very good game already, but the update is even better and you want to go beyond this and make it perfect?!
Well, congrats for so much enthusiasm and talent.

(Simon) #50

Great work! I hope the game gets a new wave of followers …

(Pedro) #51

Waiting for the save function to make the game even more perfect!


are we ready for a new kickstarter yet? :grinning:

(Scott R) #53

I love this game it’s long been one of my favourites.

(Pedro) #54

@JO3RI when I go over level 32, it goes back to level 01 when I restart my Arduboy. If I change LEVEL_TO_START with to 32 and then I complete some levels, if I restart it will restart to the number of levels I completed (e.g. I reached level 46 and after restarting I can continue from level 14). I can see in github that you are already aware of a bug in the new level load.

Any idea where the issue is coming from?

Thanks in advance for help and great job with this game!


Strange :thinking:

Never had someone complaining about this issue … Solutions are welcome :smile:


Looks like line 170 in game.cpp here is the culprit:

I didn’t test it but try changing line 170:

EEPROM.put(OFFSET_LEVEL, level - 1);


EEPROM.put(OFFSET_LEVEL, displayLevel);

and change line 293/4:

    EEPROM.get(OFFSET_LEVEL, level);
    displayLevel = level;


    EEPROM.get(OFFSET_LEVEL, displayLevel);
   level = displayLevel % NUM_MAPS;

(Pedro) #57

Thanks a lot! It fixed the issue!


Thanks @Mr.Blinky ! Now I got to find some time to actually fix the bug on GitHub en release a new bug fix version :rofl: