Virus LQP-79 - eighth TEAM a.r.g. game

well damn it im going to have to see now wont i might take a couple weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s not a bug :smile: it’s a feature :joy:


i do notica also that there IS MORE ROOM if you guys wanted to make a place to spend those points OR a high score dealie

Where I used to work, instead of bugs we called them opportunities :wink:


If @curly ever makes the score to overflow, I’ll look into the code. Working on other games now.

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ill let you know if it does , (no one besides me would ever notice if it does so it dosent realy matter anyway)

how many lvls are in this thing?

We released version 1.5 of Virus LQP-79 including:

  • 64 new levels mixed in (total of 128)
  • 2 extra file sets for the maps (3 tile sets now shifting each level)
  • 4 extra survivor sprites (randomly switching each level)
  • 1 new zombie sprite harder to kill

short video showing the pixel art:

working on a new menu too:

  • start a new game
  • continue from auto save
  • all hell broke loose - mayhem (continuously picking random levels with 5 survivors each level, no save mode)

Just great! It is a very good game already, but the update is even better and you want to go beyond this and make it perfect?!
Well, congrats for so much enthusiasm and talent.


Great work! I hope the game gets a new wave of followers …


Waiting for the save function to make the game even more perfect!


are we ready for a new kickstarter yet? :grinning:


I love this game it’s long been one of my favourites.


@JO3RI when I go over level 32, it goes back to level 01 when I restart my Arduboy. If I change LEVEL_TO_START with to 32 and then I complete some levels, if I restart it will restart to the number of levels I completed (e.g. I reached level 46 and after restarting I can continue from level 14). I can see in github that you are already aware of a bug in the new level load.

Any idea where the issue is coming from?

Thanks in advance for help and great job with this game!

Strange :thinking:

Never had someone complaining about this issue … Solutions are welcome :smile:

Looks like line 170 in game.cpp here is the culprit:

I didn’t test it but try changing line 170:

EEPROM.put(OFFSET_LEVEL, level - 1);


EEPROM.put(OFFSET_LEVEL, displayLevel);

and change line 293/4:

    EEPROM.get(OFFSET_LEVEL, level);
    displayLevel = level;


    EEPROM.get(OFFSET_LEVEL, displayLevel);
   level = displayLevel % NUM_MAPS;

Thanks a lot! It fixed the issue!


Thanks @Mr.Blinky ! Now I got to find some time to actually fix the bug on GitHub en release a new bug fix version :rofl:


Hi @JO3RI, the latest release still reset the game to level 001 for me around level 032, was a newer release released from somewhere else?

I reached level 52 and died and it loaded level 25… :frowning: