Visual Studio Arduino & Arduboy Plugin

Visual Studio Aduino & Arduboy Plugin

As see on Twitter, a plugin for Visual Studio that allows you to use Visual Studio with an Arduino board. The instructions from the original post can be found below, and a link to the Arduino pluginin is provided.

##Arduino Plugin
The plugin needed can be found at and is available for Visual Studio 2015. Instructions are provided for setting up VS, but are currently provided only in Japanese.


Visual Studio 2015 Arduino & Arduboy Plugin


There are instructions provided in the link above. English translations are provided by @hisadg123 in the English Language section, and the original instruction in Japanese are provided at the bottom.

English Language

Japanese Language

The original page discussing instructions for using the plugin with an Arduboy are in Japanese. It should be possible to follow along from the Japanese post with Google Translate extension installed. And of course, testers of the plugin welcome :smiley:.

Arduino & Arduboy for Visual Studio 2015 Guide

ArduboyはArduino互換であり、ArduinoにはVisual Studio用のプラグインが存在します。このプラグインが Arduboy で使えれば、コード補完なども効いて便利そうです。


Thank you!! :smiley: I cannot wait to use this.

Thanks, this looks pretty useful. It also forces me to upgrade my copy of Visual Studio !

Here is English version of the document. I hope this may help you.


I have updated the screenshot of code completion. And I modified the URL to point


Awesome, thanks ! I managed to get it set up, even managed a tiny little edit on a game… I can’t test it, I don’t have my arduboy yet. The code completion is brilliant.

This needs to be pinned. It will help people learning to code.

One thing, you need to declare the Arduboy as a “thing” (sorry, I don’t know the word to describe the concept in C++ (instance??))


Arduboy aboy //aboy can be any descriptor, including Arduboy


void setup();

Then you can use code completion by typing

aboy. //after the '.' a dropdown list will display.

If only I had hours and hours of time to learn C++… Soon !

Thanks again.

Thanks for reply. Yes, we should declare variable before using code completion. Screenshot in the document does not show other lines.

Arduboy arduboy;

// other lines...

arduboy.draw // function list will be shown

Anyway, I’ll update the screenshot later. Thank you for pointing out :slight_smile:

I got information about this plugin. This plugin will create environment dependent file (.vcxproj). Before code deployment, I think we should exclude .vcxproj. For more details, please check document on GitHub. Maybe .ino, .cpp and .h are enough for usual project.

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wow this is awesome! It works perfect !