VT100 serial terminal as a secondary display?

While playing around with using VGA1306 as a serial terminal I came across a few Arduino serial games, like this one:

…and I thought - could be a really cool idea to use ANSI / VT100 escape codes over the Arduboy’s USB serial connection as a sort of secondary display?? (just connect from PuTTY or Tera Term or whatever to display on the computer side…)

An ideal vehicle for this could be something like NetHack, where the 128x64 Arduboy display would show a smaller ‘focus area’, but then when plugged in and running a serial terminal you could also display a much larger map / area over on the secondary display?

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What is the point other than the geek factor?

You could just run nethack locally without needing to have a USB cable and Arduboy dangling off your USB port. If someone wanted to develop ASCII games at 80x25 (or so) I don’t know why you just wouldn’t use C++ and ncurses locally.

Maybe this would allow some sort of 2 player option though? One person on the Arduboy and the other on a serial terminal…?

You could just run Arduboy games on a PC, but it’s not as fun.
The geek factor is everything.

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I guess for me the small/independent computer element is a large part of the fun. If I need a whole second computer just to show me what’s on the first computer… I do see where the VGA thing is kind of cool though - though at that point I’d really also want an external game controller I think.

But yes with ANSI sequences and a good serial emulator (not the one that ships with Arduino) the sky (and flash limitations) is really the limit if you want to write terminal software.

Like this? It has an arcade joystick and a NES controller. (The joystick and buttons were left overs from a table top I built).

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