W25q64 how to program it

Hello , everyone
I make an ardubigboy but I’m a novice and I want to add a w25q64 on but i don’t know how to do with this chip ,should i mount the chip to the system and program it with my arduino pro micro , or program the chip and then connect it to my system ? I look forward to your help , thank you

Si il y a des français qui voit ce message ce serait top ^^

You can add the chip and then program it with the ArduBigboy but in order to use it to store and load sketches, you will have to burn a @Mr.Blinky custom bootloader into the ATmega32U4 microcontroller on the ArduBigboy.

ArduBigBoy has an atmega32u4 onboard. After you’ve programed the Cathy3K bootloader using your favorite ISP programmer you can upload the flash image into the W25Q64 using the FX activator

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thank you for your help , I’ll put it right away

the project is progressing well , but here i am blocking for several hours on 2 problems and I do not want to give up now , I explain :

1)I connect the w25q64 to my arduino pro micro

Vcc > 3.3V
Grd > -
D0 > miso 14
D1 > mosi 16
Cs > 2
Clk > sck 15

I launch the program run-fx-activator-windows and the problem comes , i see ARDUBOYfx and :


no way to find a solution to pass the MOD CHIP to OK … if i’m not wrong i’m on standard wiring and I don’t think I was wrong in it, but we don’t know .
I read that maybe I should install a 10k resistance on the CS output

Oled 2.42 :

CS > Grd
DC > 4
RES > 6
SDA > 16
SCL > 15
VCC > 5V
GRD > Grd

2)The screen ARDUBOYfx from left to right , but I think it should be adjusted with python that I am not familiar with

I thank the people who will lose their time to help me ride this ardubigboy , thank you

I think there is some misunderstandings here.

I (we) thought you referred to the ArduBigBOY (manufactured PCB) by @serisman but it sounds now more like your own DIY version with a big screen? You know a picture says more than a thousand words.

Thats a because you don’t have a modchip / attiny.

What I said was:

Not upload the activator hex file but upload Flash image

Note that this is only going to work if you have flashed the bootloader onto the atmega32u4 of your ‘ArduBigBoy’

From this I conclude you’re ‘ArduBigBoy’ uses a Pro Micro at it’s core and you use standard wiring. Because as the OLED chip select is connected to GND.

Note that when using a flash chip you cannot connect OLED CS to GND. You need to connect it to an inverted flash chip select using an inverter chip or transistor

Hello , thanks for taking time with me .

Actually I should have told you that I tinker on a board and not on a pcb ARDUBIGBOY .
So for a standard cabling I have to use a chip or a pnp transistor but I don’t have the components at hand , but if I passed my arduino pro micro in alternative wiring this could solve this problem?

thin , I just realized that you had put the diagram with the transistor to me , you are too good with me my lord:), and I must have all at hand . I’ll keep you in line .

If you have a Pro micro with a big chip you can break out the missing CS signal otherwise I recommend to go for the Alternative wiring.

Here’s an overview of all the different Arduinos each with it’s pro’s and cons.


Hello everyone , I’m the chicken who wants to make a gameboy , little forward of the day , after hours to find documentation on the flash of the arduino pro micro , i end up plugging my board into an arduino uno that i use in isp , but do not know what launched , i flash the board with “Homemade arduboy” i change oled with a sh1106 , bootloader Cathy3k(with start menu), flash select (pin2,D1,SDA) in the arduino IDE , I connect my arduino pro micro to my board, turn it on and the … small logo “boot usb” on my oled , I upload flash image , and the one loading bar activates “Upload image successfully”!! problem is that I have the ARDUBOYfx logo is cut in 2 and completely upside down my screen

I’m not sure I flashed properly, and I have no idea how to correct the screen , your help would still be very helpful , 1000 thanks

If you use Pro Micro + Flash chip you need to use Pro Micro with alternate wiring and cannot use pin2 SDA for flash chip select. (unless you use a inverter/ transistor as mentioned earlier)

Check the Pin wiring table for the correct wiring.

hello Mr.Blinky ,
at last i start to see the end of the project , i took it hard to flash the bootloader , to pass the pro micro in alternative you must use the “Sparkfun Pro Micro 5V - Alternate Wiring” , i now see the ARDUBOYfx logo correctly and navigate through it,but when loading a game here’s what happens:

The game does not launch and the last pixel of the low defile
Did I properly plug in my carteflash ?

D0>14 MISO
D1>16 MOSI

Is that when I pull out my little resistor on CS ?

With alternate wiring you need to recompile the games. If you don’t want to do that you need to use Pro Micro with standard wiring and the inverter/transistor mod (or if you have a Pro Micro with a Big Chip, break out the OLED_CS by soldering to the chip)

after following Karsten’s posts this would be due to my oled sh1106 , I would have to recompile all the games for the sh1106 , so I go on IDE arduino ,i take a game as Arduventure launches it on the pro micro by selecting the sh1106 , launches it on ARDUBOYfx but the i find myself in front of a black screen and USB port disconnection sounds , do you know the right way to do it or I put it like a foot ?

FIND !!! HA HA Haaa (Satanic Laughter XD ) , i had to compile a game to have 2 files . Hex and use your FX program to send the hexadecimal into the arduboy . Now it’s done , i have a “ARDUBOYfx”, it will have taken 6 days , while normally in 2h it is over .
I want to thank you Mr.Blinky, for your help and for the time you spent writing the programs , i learned a lot with this great project .
Thank you Mr.Blinky

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