Wall of fame (potential spoiler)

(Scott R) #1

After several people have messaged me about finding the Wall of fame I feel enough time has passed to show it and there is concern about people doing damage looking for it.

“Behind the gold and round the back do not enter if skill you lack.“

since receiving my special edition I’ve not had time to play the game but I found this 10 mins after unboxing.

Piezo Speaker Sound Pressure vs Frequency
(Braiden) #2

Congrats Your a Hall of Famer @Keyboard_Camper


Yay! the wall of fame. Thanks for posting that picture. I didn’t bend my battery all the way up and read the top text :+1:

I just realize it now. But there seems to be no D2/SDA (test)pad. But there seems to be a 2nd D1 (test)pad!?

Spotted D2/SDA under the black speaker wire near the bottom left mounting hole.

(Pharap) #4

I really wish I knew what the criteria was for being on it.
So far all my guesses have been shot down.

My original thought was people who had backed the SE,
but @uxe claims to have not backed it, so that’s that idea gone.

Then I thought it was people who had been here since 2015,
but @Keyboard_Camper hasn’t been so that rules that idea out.

Most of my ideas are running off trying to think of why @filmote isn’t on the wall despite having made a staggering number of Arduboy games and being generally helpful.

(Scott R) #5

Obviously you just have to be awesome :sunglasses:

Kevin mentioned about forum activity and post count at the time.

(Cody) #6

So if how did they get on the wall of fame?


By being awsome!:laughing:

(Holmes) #8

Whoa!!! Can I post this pic on Twitter??

(James) #9

Its also on some of the “regular” Arduboys not just the Arduventure Version

(Scott R) #10

Yeah it’s the current Arduboy design and should be around for awhile.

(Holmes) #11

Do you have a picture of this, as well?? :smiley:

(Scott R) #12

My latest is the SE but @James1 has a standard edition.
I’m reluctant to ask anyone to take a pic because it’s possible to split the battery terminals.

But if anyone is willing to take the risk…

(James) #13

I don’t but I could take one @crait

(James) #14

(Sam) #15

[spoiler]![image|375x500](upload://a0Oc3YPagTQwtznrvyxfGR85O6g.jpg)[/spoiler] Try This

(James) #16

Totally forgot to blur… Thanks for reminding me!

(Holmes) #17

Why is this a spoiler?

(Sam) #18

Because some people don’t want to see it and want to find it themselves. :D

(Josh Goebel) #19

So awesome. Made my day. Just now seeing this for the very first time. :wink:

(Simon) #20

There I am too!

Unfortunately, Kevin used my other alias ‘D1/TX’ making it a little hard for people to know its me.