Waving Images - A demo showing bitmaps waving like a flag

As member of TEAM a.r.g. this is our fourth demo.

You’re free to contribute and make the demo bigger, better, showing what can be done with Arduboy


TEAMarg Demo webpage:


PS: The “waving” is a function, not a sequence of bitmaps, we are shifting each column of pixels independently.

Moderator Note:
Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.

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This is epic!! Nyanflag!! OBAMA!!! LOL Nice work again!

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Pretty cool!

By the way, could you add the file bitmaps.h? It seems to be missing from the repository.

Thanks @davidperrenoud, I added the file. :blush:

From now on, this demo works for both ARDUBOY and DEVKIT.

You can use the board.txt way to set you desired device (or change it in Arglib.h)
Default is ARDUBOY

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