Web-based bitmap editor


I have developed a bitmap editor that runs in the web browser.

Source code:

This is still a prototype. I plan to add functionality. :smiley:



I updated it.

To-do List:

  • Change Edit mode (8,16,32,64,128 dot)
  • Preview mode
  • Data Save and Load
  • Map editer

That’s pretty cool ! I suck at drawing, but with that, even I can make somethings look less crap :slight_smile:

Now… let’s hope my Arduboy turns up sometime this [insert time frame].

I managed a rudimentary bow and arrow, but wiped it out when I clicked the licence. Never mind, I can make it again. After that, I want to try animating it !

Thank you for your comment.
I revised a link of “LICENSE.txt”.
I added Animating editer feature to To-do List. :smiley:

cool, thanks :+1: i will try it the next days

I updated it.

  • Change edit pixel (8,16,32)

I updated it. :smiley:

  • Change edit pixel (8x8,16x16,32x32, 64x64, 128x64)
  • Data download and upload.
    Please reload the browser when you fail to upload.

Download data sample:

I updated it.

  • Add Preview mode


sorry, i post wrong message. :confounded:

I updated it.

  • Bug fix and speed up.

Click and drag would be very useful if i’m allowed to make a feature request.

Thank you for your request.
I added it to To-do List.
I plans to add the image parts management function.

I updated it.

  • Image Copy and Paste

I updated it.

  • Add Cut / Rotation
  • Bug fix.

A small suggestion… you could throw it up on github.com and use their Github Pages so that you can store it and serve it in a nice URL w/o dropbox…


Bonus, is that it will track your changes, you can use their online text editor to make changes, and people can contribute!

Two birds, one stone!

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Thank you for suggestion.
I have begun to write this software experimentally on Sunday. It is still prototype.
If it becomes stable, I upload it in github.

Created a github repository and page :smiley:


bravo! :clap:

Hopefully you’ll get some contributions to help bring it out of prototype phase!

I updated it.