Website SSL and Update

I need to install the new cert site is funky until then.

Really need to get these remaining FX and mod chip orders out. Life has been extra tough lately, so apologies on the delay.

It looks like it might be in backorder at Seeed but I haven’t talked to them about it yet:


I saw the backorder notice a while ago too. The only one that still has Arduboy FX in stock is Pimoroni and their down to their last 10 units. lists 15 units ready to ship.


I think I’m going to use this as an opportunity to switch the site to squarespace.

a while ago they where out of stock there. Nice to see their back :+1:

The new page is nearly done, I need to finish all of the outstanding shipping before it breaks integration with my shipping software so hopefully over the next few days everything will get caught up, can put up a new site and could potentially have pre-orders alive again.

Part of the new site, I was messing around with some CSS for the emulator menu and came up with this:


That’s very cool!

It would be nice to have the categorisation as a filter on the page. But now I am asking too much!

You’re right I want to make each category have a different background color.

You can actually drag and drop and change the order, it was intended to export carts from this. But it doesn’t work so well when it’s been rotated, tough to see where it’s supposed to drop.

I would love to see it create carts eventually.


Shipped about 50 orders today, another 50 orders will go out later this week (ran out of bubble mailers).

Planning on putting the new site up this weekend, probably open up pre-orders again at a discount price but it won’t have an ETA, only “when it’s ready trust edition”

Honestly, I’d say just do away with the fancy 3D effect and just have 2D rectangles that can be dragged and dropped onto another rectangle that represents the cartridge.

Functionality and usability are far more important than looking fancy.

Yeah that’s the default one Which is more than a year old at this point.

Look forward to the website coming, and glad to see I’ll be able to place an order directly through you soon! (Even if I have to wait, I’m sure digikey gets their share). Only recently heard of the system and enjoyed testing some games through the online portal, so have been hoping for orders to open. Any word on the XL I’ve seen whispers of?

Yeah … good question. For those of us with poor eyesight these would be great.

Maybe in a long time hit a snag on the L and R buttons I couldn’t resolve chip shortage made it nigh impossible to order more parts and gave up.

Totally understood, either way looking forward to pre orders re opening!

I’m such a bad web admin sorry it’s taking so long everyone. Just got all of the FX orders boxed up that I can those are going out the door today. I have got a new quote from Seeed studio on the production of the next batch, I’m going to make 1,000 units but they don’t have a lead time.

The date that is on Seeed Studio’s store is only an estimate and they almost certainly will not get them done before the end of the year.

My guess it could be as long as 6 months or more, easily it could be more. I’m going to put a disclaimer on the site that the pre-order is “when it’s done” that it’s as much a vote of confidence in the arduboy brand than it is an actual “sale” because I won’t even be able to give an ETA for a few months.

That said, I’ve been selling Arduboy for 6 years now and only had a couple of customers get upset over their experience. I’ve always either delivered product or refunded people when they couldn’t get what they ordered.


Is there any way that you’ll be able to put these things on Amazon? I think that a lot of people might be less inclined to give their credit card info to a website that they might have never heard of.

These things look really awesome and I would 100% buy one if they were available on Amazon.

I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but the constantly out of stock nature of the product makes it difficult to do fulfilment with them. Basically never been able to buy a large enough batch but it’s a good idea.

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Yeah no worries, you’re doing a great job. These things are so darn charming that if you can get them into people’s hands, they’re sure to love them. I will definitely buy one of these once they’re back in stock.

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