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This topic is a list of documents and links helpful to understanding and developing for an Arduboy.

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#Getting started

#Game programming



#Documents (Memory)

#Documents (OLED)


#Data Compression

#Assembly language


I really need help [learning to code]! >-<
Can I actually use 4x4 tile sets?
Woop woop! I nearly have it!
Programming tutorial
Arduventure -- can I run it?
How hard is it to make a game?
Web-based bitmap editor

Great post! I’d just like to add that another simulator available is the Proton Arduboy Simulator.

The great thing about the Proton Arduboy Simulator is that you can write C or C++ code that uses the Arduboy library and it will work on both the simulator and the Arduboy device.

You can find the Proton Arduboy Simulator here:

(Holmes) #3

Great topic!! I hope this stays up-to-date over the coming months!