Welcome to all the new people!

And thanks for all the new games!

Exciting to see new people joining the community and making new submissions after all these years! Welcome to the party and you’re of course welcome to introduce yourself here if you’d like!


do I count as new? I joined like 6 months ago lol


Hahah for the scope of this thread, yes! Hello, you’ve even had you’re own appearance on a live stream so rapid rise to power, actually you deserve a badge for the toolset!

In fact you’ve just been awarded Golden Developer for your work on the Arduboy Toolset! Congrats!

I guess it would probably be anyone who joined in the last year-ish, but anyone is welcome to say hi!


oh my, thank you! I should get back to adding the features in my backlog lol, maybe soon-ish.

ah ok! hello, I’m haloopdy! I’m a bit of an old-hand professional programmer and I just think stuff like Arduboy is super cool! I’ve spent time learning stuff like godot and pygame and other things but it always felt wrong, like I was “leasing” someone else’s system and they could at any time decide I’m not worthy enough. but these off-the-shelf components, like… what are they gonna do, disable my COM ports? lol it’s awesome and fun and I’m really glad it exists! I also think Arduboy is just the right amount of restrictions to make projects of just the right scope for normal people.

I’m also a bit of an artist, though I have a hard time making pixel art… I kinda want to remedy that soon


Totally agree!


One of the things that I love is that it forces people to be more realistic about the scope of their first game. :wink:


Well I joined at the end of August so looks like I count ^^

Hai, I’m Primm. Currently I’ve made one game and one app for the Arduboy and I’ve found making both super fun.

Generally, I guess that I don’t have a ‘thing’ that I do, but I’ve always liked programming things that are meant to be enjoyed, oh and apps where I’m the only conceivable person who would ever get any use out of them. :pp
I find that I always tend to move on from different pieces of hardware & ways of programming, but hopefully I’ll keep returning to the Arduboy because I do love the system (and I have a big list of ideas)!

Oh and also a big thank you to this community for being really nice, you’re great!!


Welcome! I would say anyone that hasn’t been here since before the FX is encouraged to say hello!

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Well to add in, hi, I’m nchpmn. Ive had my Arduboy FX since late August, and are somewhere between and beginner and novice hobbyist programmer. I’ve thrown out the game HigherLower so far, learnt a whole bunch, and I’m just waiting for work to die down so I can get some free time back…


mad greetz to all!

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'Ello! MantisEater here, I’m a longtime games hobbiest who’s spent a lot of time in the past using other peoples tools to modify my consoles. Now that I have an FX, my goal is to write my own code and maybe port an old favorite flash game to Arduboy! Stoaked the more I poke around, the more I see how active this community still is! Currently following your tutorial @crait, I’ve tried to learn before but am having a much more engaging time with the fun hardware aspect. TYSM for your work on that!