Welcome to Project Falcon

Project Falcon is the working title of the attempt to add an external flash memory chip to the factory circuit board and include a group of launch titles that have been optimized to use the additional memory to expand their content.

This is based entirely off the work that @Mr.Blinky has created in the Arduboy Flash Cart:


Nowhere good to put these introductions but welcome to the team @uxe you should have been added sooner!

I have invited @chame to the team. He already has worked with the flash module and probably a lot to come up to speed with.

Basically, @chame we are using @Mr.Blinky flash mod and trying to make the bootloader experience perfect.

We are also trying to develop a library to use external memory within the game. Swap out sprites and other resources.

Welcome to the team! Do you have the hardware already? Or should I send you a development kit?

Yes. I have already one.
But I soldered it in old wiring and flashed old bootloader.
@Mr.Blinky changed wiring later.

I want to solder new one, rather than rewire it.
Can you send me a development kit?

We are also trying to develop a library to use external memory within the game. Swap out sprites and other resources.

If flashcart system has sprite editor and interpreter language, users can develop their games more easily.

The current dev kit is wired in the old configuration. So your hardware should work.

PM me your address and I can send you one for testing.

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Hi @chame welcome to the project.

@bateske preferred the old style wiring. So I’ve renamed the ‘old style wiring’ to ‘recommended wiring’ in the Homebrew package and Flashcart topic. The New style wiring is depreciated and only intended for those who want to use hardware serial.

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I just added @shdwwzrd to the team now that we are starting to get more of the library figured out, the opportunity to make some launch games are here!

My vote is for an expanded omega horizon!! But all your games are great! Welcome to the team!

Thanks, Not sure about Omega Horizon 1…But once i get my head wrapped around what is possible i’ll see what we can build here at Neo Retro Games. We currently have 2 games in development targeting June and August release.
Do we have an estimated target release date for this new device?

There is no strict deadline right now, actually the reason to create the section of the forum is actually more to wait when the games are ready.

I haven’t posted up a schedule yet, which is something a few people have asked so I’ll try to put up a draft.

I’d like to launch a kickstarter campaign in the next few months. Even after the campaign closes we would have time until it would need to be finished. I think at this stage we have a lot of time if you are thinking something in August that should work just fine.

Maybe September is when production would start, is a good guess.

Welcome to the team @dxb! People will be excited to talk to you about audio libraries!

We have succeeded in streaming sprite data from the external memory. Music and sound effects would be great! But we are a little stuck on how to use tools for it.

Most recently in this post here:

Thank you! and hi everyone. I’ll try to get up to speed by reading existing posts. Nice projetc name BTW :smiley:

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I’ve invited @gaveno to join the group. As one of the major developers of Arduventure knows a thing or two about using memory space efficiently! Imagine what can be done with all the external memory!

Welcome to the group @Gaveno!

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Thanks @bateske! Looking forward to helping out where I can :smiley:

Welcome to project Falcon @Gaveno. Now about that max overworld … :grin: :wink:

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Now it is time for us to welcome @eried to the team! Probably should have invited him earlier, but he just posted about wanting to develop with the flash mod so I invited him in!

Welcome to the group @eried and also thank you for all your work on your uploader and online repo!

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Hi everybody, I was a recovering retro indie gamer but I saw that flash mod thingy and now I have relapsed.

@GrappleBug has been invited and he is interested in doing some FMV work possibly!

Thanks @bateske - happy to be involved!

Welcome to the party!

Thanks for having me!