Welcome to the Arduboy Community!

Welcome to the Arduboy community!

We hope you find the community section a useful resource in both using your Arduboy as well as in general development of software and hardware.

If you’ve got something to say, start an account and make a post. To use formatting and other tools when making a post, have a look at this thread about using markdown, What is Markdown?

The greatest community on the internet.

You will find the conversations and discussions to be fun and friendly here. Communicating with other game developers, from beginner to advanced, can be an excellent way to learn. We encourage others to keep criticism constructive and always back up your statements with facts.

On the whole, everyone here is enthusiastic about making and sharing open source games that run on basic 8-bit hardware that anyone can understand.

Use the search tool!

The Arduboy community has been here for years and you will find that a wealth of knowledge and experience is available by using the search tool and navigating the results. Always search before creating a topic. Don’t be shy about reviving old topics, it creates a dynamic ecosystem as it reminds old users to new activity.


Useful Bookmarks:

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Uploading Games to your Arduboy

A few options for uploading Arduboy games:

For a comprehensive list of multiple different ways to upload games to your Arduboy visit the Uploading Games Guide.

Using the Embedded Emulator:

Arduboy games are available within the community! Thanks to @FManga you can play Arduboy games online. Below are instructions for using the emulator:


Arrow Keys: Direction Buttons
Ctrl, Z, A: A Button
Alt, S, X, B: B Button
R: Record GIF
P: Save PNG
F6: Reset Game

To add the emulator to your post, simply upload a .hex or .arduboy file and the site will automatically do the rest! If it is the within the first post of a thread, it will automatically expand, otherwise it will wait for you to click on it to expand.

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