Welcome to the Arduboy Community!

Welcome to the Arduboy community!

We hope you find the community section a useful resource in both using your Arduboy as well as in general development of software and hardware.

If you’ve got something to say, start an account and make a post. To use formatting and other tools when making a post, have a look at this thread about using markdown, What is Markdown?

The greatest community on the internet.

You will find the conversations and discussions to be fun and friendly here. Communicating with other game developers, from beginner to advanced, can be an excellent way to learn. We encourage others to keep criticism constructive and always back up your statements with facts.

On the whole, everyone here is enthusiastic about making and sharing open source games that run on basic 8-bit hardware that anyone can understand.

Use the search tool!

The Arduboy community has been here for years and you will find that a wealth of knowledge and experience is available by using the search tool and navigating the results. Always search before creating a topic. Don’t be shy about reviving old topics, it creates a dynamic ecosystem as it reminds old users to new activity.


Useful Bookmarks:

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Uploading Games to your Arduboy

A few options for uploading Arduboy games:

For a comprehensive list of multiple different ways to upload games to your Arduboy visit the Uploading Games Guide.

Using the Embedded Emulator:

Arduboy games are available within the community! Thanks to @FManga you can play Arduboy games online. Below are instructions for using the emulator:


Arrow Keys: Direction Buttons
Ctrl, Z, A: A Button
Alt, S, X, B: B Button
R: Record GIF
P: Save PNG
F6: Reset Game

To add the emulator to your post, simply upload a .hex or .arduboy file and the site will automatically do the rest! If it is the within the first post of a thread, it will automatically expand, otherwise it will wait for you to click on it to expand.


Using the Forum


Basic Options:

  • LikeIcon Like
    • Press this to show appreciation for a comment
  • LinkIcon Link
    • Press this to get a hyperlink to a specific comment or thread
    • The link menu that appears also provides the option to start a new topic as a linked reply to the selected comment via the ’NewTopicIcon New Topic’ option. This is often useful for starting an off-topic discussion in a new thread.
  • EditIcon Edit
    • Press this to edit your comment, either to provide more information or correct a mistake
    • Unless you’re a moderator, this icon only appears on your posts - a moderator can edit any post
  • MoreIcon More
    • Press this to display the extended options
    • (This is occasionally referred to as the ‘ellipsis’ button)
  • ReplyIcon Reply
    • Press this to reply to the chosen comment
    • The author of the comment you reply to will receive a notification, so don’t just reply to a random comment, select the comment you wish to reply to carefully

Extended Options:

  • FlagIcon Flag
    • Press this to flag a post for moderator attention
  • BookmarkIcon Bookmark
    • Press this to bookmark a comment
    • Your bookmarks can be accessed either from your user area or your notification area
  • DeleteIcon Delete
    • Press this to redact your comment*
    • Unless you’re a moderator, this icon only appears on your posts - a moderator can delete any post

* Important:
Comments take 24 hours to be deleted ‘properly’, during which time other users can still see the comment and the deletion can be aborted.
If you need something deleted sooner than 24 hours (e.g. you accidentally published personal information), flag the comment to request a faster deletion.
Comments are never permenantly deleted, they are only hidden from regular users.
Moderators and admins can always see deleted comments.


Other forum users are notified when you:

  • Reply to their specific post
  • ‘@-mention’ them (e.g. @Pharap, @bateske)
  • Quote them using the quote tool

Mentioning other users

‘@-mentions’ provide a way to reply to multiple people.
It is often better to reply to multiple users in a single comment by ‘@-mentioning’ them rather than trying to reply to them individually with multiple comments.

Quoting Other Users

To quote another user, simply select the part of their comment that you wish to quote and press the ‘Quote’ box that appears.
This will insert that quote into your reply, correctly citing the user and notifying them of your quotation upon posting.

Editing Your Posts

To edit an existing post, simply click the pencil icon on any of your existing comments.

“Double posting” (posting more than one comment in a row) is generally discouraged.
As a general rule of thumb, if the last comment in a thread was posted by you and it has been less than 12-24 hours since you posted that comment,
you should prefer to edit that comment rather than posting a new comment.

Similarly if you wish to reply to more than one person,
please ‘@-mention’ them or quote a relevant part of their post.

Trust Levels & User Capabilities

Every user has a certain ‘trust level’.
Users who are more active and have used the forum for a longer time have a higher trust level,
which permits them to do more things than newer users.
Consequently new users may be unable to perform certain actions like attaching images to their posts or reply more than 10 times in a short space of time.

For more information on trust levels and the kind of powers each level conveys, see the following article:


In the olden days, forums used billlboard code (or ‘BB-code’) to provide special formatting for their messages (e.g. bold, underline, strikethrough).
Although the forum does support BB-code, it also supports a more modern kind of formatting markup called (humourously) Markdown.
You can find more information about Markdown in this thread:

Alternatively, here’s a selection of guides to choose from:

Moderators & Admins

Moderators and admins are special forms of recognition that go beyond trust level.

Moderators have similar powers to ‘leader’ users, but with extra abilities and responsibilities.
In particular they are responsible for handling flags, which can be used either as a request for help (within reason) or to report an issue.

Moderators are appointed by the admin.

Additional Moderator Powers Moderators may view site statistics. Moderators may view deleted posts, deleted topics and hidden topics. Moderators are able to view registered emails if required, but this action is logged to prevent abuse of power.

Moderators cannot read PMs.
Moderators cannot create categories.

Admins have absolute power over the forum.

Specific Admin Powers Admins have all the powers of a moderator and more. Admins are able to create and delete categories. Admins are able to view any PM, or impersonate another user. Admins also have full access to the forum database and are free to manipulate it in any way they see fit.

How to Contact a Moderator

Either flag a relevant post using the flag button in the ‘ellipsis menu’, or send a PM to @moderators.

When to Contact a Moderator

Contact a moderator when:

  • You need assistance with some technical aspect of the forum (within reason), e.g.
    • You need to post a picture but do not have a high enough trust level
    • You need something deleted more urgently than the 24 hour limit permits
    • You need some sensitive information redacted
  • You suspect a forum rule is being broken, e.g.
    • Someone is spamming 3rd party links
    • Someone is only using the forum to promote their own product and does not engage in Arduboy discussions
  • The content of someone’s post is not acceptable for the forum environment, e.g.
    • A post uses a degree of profanity that you believe is unsuitable for the forum
    • A post discusses topics that are too dark, too political, or too contentious for the forum
    • Someone has made unkind comments, or is being disparaging

Note that there are few hard-and-fast rules, so responses to situations may vary depending on which moderator addresses it.
Moderators are loosely governed, largely independent individuals who may disagree at times.
Furthermore, the word of an admin may overrule that of a moderator.


Prohibited Posts

While there is a place in the forum for almost everything, there are a few kinds of posts that are not allowed on the forum. The reason for this is to keep the community focused on the sharing of open source games and a productive tool for other people when using the Arduboy.


Posts that advertise a product or service for sale are not allowed without prior approval. If you have been a community member for some time and wish to advertise on the forum you can send me a private message or use arduboy.com/contact for approval. New accounts made specifically for advertising will not be allowed.

Product Trashing

Posts that predominately espouse negative feedback about the Arduboy or other products sold on this website that do not offer a path to resolution are not allowed on this site. If you have a problem with your Arduboy that you need help fixing, we are happy to work with you to resolve the issue any way we can. However simply complaining about how you feel (especially if you have not used the product) is not condoned on this forum. Please understand that this website is used to promote and sell these products, and it would be counter-productive to allow posts like this on our forum. If you would like to post negative reviews of the Arduboy or other products, you are invited to do so on other public forums like Reddit, Twitter or Facebook.

Hate Speech

Arduboy is an inclusive community and as such any threatening or overly negative kinds of speech to a specific person or group of people is explicitly not allowed.

Personal Information

Posting personal information about yourself or others is strictly prohibited. Do not post address or phone number information, or other forms of identification.

Unsolicited Code Feedback

We love sharing code, but sometimes you just want to put something out there into the world and not have it gone through by others with a fine tooth comb. If someone is asking for help with their code, by all means let them know how they can improve. However, if someone has posted open source code as part of sharing a game they have produced and haven’t specifically asked for feedback, users are first expected to ask the poster if they would like a code review. Posts won’t be censored, if you really feel someone must know something about the code they have posted, do so knowing that if it is brought to the attention of moderators we may need to have a chat about what is a constructive environment for everyone.


Upon the first offence, depending on the situation, typically the post will simply be edited by a moderator to comply with the rules of the forum. A more serious first offence, especially if deemed to be intentional, the user will receive a warning.

The penalty for not complying with moderator instructions and continuing behavior is up to a permanent ban of the user account.

Happy Posting!

Only on rare occasions have we ever found the need to enforce forum rules. In general everyone gets a long so continue to set the example! Happy posting!