Well i didnt get crushed to death by a giant tree

for those of you who dont know i live in a lean-to under a eucalyptus tree on the big island of hawaii,

as i lay down to sleep tonight a large ablesia tree came crashing down eight near me, i about messed my pants

for those who dont know albisia trees are huuuuuuuuge with shallow roots, planted by the us military in hawaii during ww2 as they are verry fast growing and cover was needed

rant concluded im not dead


Photos or it never happened.


well its 9:40 here, but ill take some in the morning, ill be honest… it probably didnt fall anywhere near me but jesus my nerves are still shot

and it was probably just a branch or two what broke off but still those branches are all atleast 2 foot across

good to hear you are not hurt!

I hope the Eucalypt isn’t a river red gum, you’d be more likely to be squashed by that

my boss calls em “eucaliptus robustus” but who knows if shes right,

it was just a large branch that fell, 15’ infront of my shack and 5’ over, it darn near took out my camode but no harm done, tried to take pics, but my go pro is dead, gota get more aaa batteries, itl still be there next time i go to town

Lovely tree.

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old ass camera so meh,

the first pic is my shack, the 2nd is the broken tree, well i had little to worry about but at the time i thought the whole tree ripped out, had that been the case eh id be one pancake but no one branch on that tree is long enough to reach my shack


What country are you in?

Read the first sentence of the original post.


You live in the green shack??? Does that thing even have Wi-Fi?? How are you on this site?

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Looks like camping to me! Glad you are ok! I love the big island! Laki Maikai!

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no the green shack does not have wifi, but being the mad scientist i am i could easily take parts out of my parts bin and make myself have wifi, however my boss wont let me run power out there nor will she let me put up solar pannels, however… after my piles of junk over took her office she stuck an old dresser on the porch and calls that my office so that is how i am here

buy that green shack, pretty impressive if you ask me, it took me 4 days to clear a walking path to it (guinnea grass taller than my head ect) when i got there only one of the roof supports remained and the whole thing was tied together with rusty barbed wire, its come a long way

and @bateske do you come to big eye often? ill get you some freeeeee kau coffee next time your in the area da kine i pick process and roast myself!

That’s exactly what I was thinking … is there even power, let alone WiFi??

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Well I got fired from there, my shack had no power but the bosses house did

You are having a real bad day)-:

nah I don’t call it bad I call it adventurous but that was a while back anyway

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ahhahaha that shack is so epic. You must make some fake interfaces for the arduboy, so when people come to see you, you emulate doing normal shit but in arduboys. Keeping a pokerface while you check your mail in arduboys or using one for skype, etc

Arduboy email… That’s not a bad idea… I suppose an arduboy email client must now be made, and some sort of arduboy irc

Yes, dock opens ALL posibilities