What arduboy can do to an artist =)

Yep, I know it looks funny to professionals, but for a context, the last time I’ve written something in non-script language was 20 years ago exactly.
Since then everything I’ve done and learned was about architecture and industrial design, but… this little console definitely makes an old dog eager to learn new tricks =)


Are you saying the Arduboy inspired you to go and complete this course? That’s awesome!


Yep, It definitely did. Wanted to refresh my technical and programming knowledge for some years now, but never had enough motivation. Now I’ve got something I really want to do projects for.


Well done! Arduboy was also a big catalyst for me to finally change job fields and go back to school for a 2 year programming certification (which im still in school for)… congratulations for your hard work!


This is so great to hear :heart:. Thank you very much for sharing this with the community. :heart:

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