What are the best tactile buttons for homemade?

Thanks to Mr.Blinky i was finally able to build a homemade Arduboy. I really like the buttons i used. They react so good that no matter how you push them they will react. And during gaming they do not feel shaky at all. Will anyway print a housing including cabs but i am really surprised of the feeling. i would them even recommend over the SKPM

Maybe i should explain my main reason for voting for them:
The SKPM do not always react i have the feeling. As they go into their base during pressing i find it hard to press A and B for example together and they feel too small already. With this ones it is way better and also my big fingers are able to control them without issues.


Now after printing the case and buttons I am even more amazed. They really feel great with a cab over them. Just like real Game buttons. Will now use them on a more regular base in my projects.

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First, i like and gratz for your creation. For me, i would prefer another color for caps of the buttons to see them better. I would have used red, white or light gray plastic i think to make it a little less black and sse more the buttons.
As i’m not a 3D printer owner (saddly), just a question. Is it possible to make the surface more flat (with less waves on it ?)

With PLA you can not do to much, are ones that have a pretty good quality at $1500+

Some time ago I worked with a SLA 3D printer, oh god, the quality of the cases was close to the commercial ones…, but are dirty, they need high maintenance, every time to clean it… and the result is not so hard they ruble.

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Agree, a different color would have made sense but i was too lazy :slight_smile:

As MorgothCreator says: Will FDM printer it is not the best to print superclean. I also have a SLA printer but was too lazy to set it up. Prints are almost perfect but the work around a print is more… Clean in alcohol, cure in UV etc. But maybe over the weekend i reprint with SLA :wink: Have a look at these buttons. This are also printed with the SLA printer (well not really SLA but DLP or so. I have an Anycubic Photon, so not the Formlabs one for around 4-5k :joy::joy: I just made the markings colored there.


Thanks for the answer.

@mameise thanks too and yes, the buttons shown done with SLA are very clean.

Whoa, you are not joking.

A light has turned on in my brain, I search for a QWERTY keyboard compatible with HC85 and other in that era, and I haven’t find anything.

My thought was to do a mobile FPGA emulator for most of the PC’s in that era, but the keyboard was the issue.

Now I found the solution.

Yes as i was not able to find a keyboard fitting my needs already when i built a Raspberry phone where i wanted to have a full qwerty keyboard i started to build my own keyboards :slight_smile: This also has an Arduino Micro in it that is progammed to act as keyboard/mouse combi. This keyboard is basically just a USB external keyboard you could plug in to any device you want.


Digikey does not carry ALPS??

Anybody know if these will fit on a breadboard with at least one free row?

Assuming the button is here:

And not in the middle, over the crevice.

I found this image

and it looks like the bottom part is about 2 breadboard ties wide, so it should be fine.

Edit: After looking at the measurements and using some tools, I regret to inform you all that all the pins will be taken :pensive: Guess I have to stick with the spiky buttons :broken_heart:

If anyone has any less-spiky button recommendations feel free to share (my fingers will thank you)